Assigning a jersey/court to an expansion team

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Assigning a jersey/court to an expansion team

Postby Rimbaud82 on Thu May 21, 2020 4:21 am

Hi there,

Was wondering is there any way to do this via limnono or cheat engine? I am in the process of figuring out jersey modding, trying to make a modern sonics jersey and use it for myleague. I know I could just overwrite any random classic jersey, but with the way the letters are it's obviously easier if I use an old sonics one as a base. But obviously neither the '95 one or the OKC classic durant are aone are primary jerseys. Because I had thought of picking a randomteam to use and then just upload that to 2K share, then download it and change what I need for the sonics. But does anyone know can you assign a jersey to a team? Likewise a court.

Cheers guys.
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