Mod Requests for Uniform and Team Creators/aid my NCAA project

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Mod Requests for Uniform and Team Creators/aid my NCAA project

Postby Kenny4118 on Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:24 pm

I have been working tirelessly to get a Real College Roster and accompanying draft classes ready while practicing social distancing. The progress can be seen on another thread that I started. I am starting a new thread to hopefully find someone willing to jump in and help me with something that would make the playoff run much more realistic for those who decide to utilize my work.

As I am playing a MyLeague to test for shortcomings or other issues that I had not considered, I stumbled across in the playoffs, someone has taken the time to make First round Floors, Sweet 16 Floors, and Final Four Floors for preferred teams in each. Many teams have the first round floors uploaded with the team designs already. However, if the advance, very few have the next level, and even fewer for the final 4. So what I am asking is if someone was willing to create many more of these NCAA tourney floors for each school and upload them in 2K Share. I am unable to use anything other than 2k Share and me sorting through the artwork to reconstruct even a single uniform would take forever, so I am hoping if there is someone knows a much simpler and hopefully much faster way of locating the artwork and incorporating them into a single download that can be searchable for whatever game your playing there is a team design that includes the correct floor for the level. The artwork has all been loaded up already, but the search function in the artwork design download is set up in a very not user friendly way. I am hoping its possible, please someone let me know if you can help out with this.
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