PostEffect.Fx Offsets

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PostEffect.Fx Offsets

Postby bucknutz2015 on Sat Feb 01, 2020 12:22 pm

I was wondering if anyone has something similar to what bongo88 did last year in the posteffect.fx I've been trying to adjust crowd lighting and struggling to find the values that I need to change. I've read through the great thread and watch the video, but I still can't find either one or more offsets to try adjusting. I can adjust them if I knew the offset. By the way, how do you guys ID the float for a value that you can't test? I watched this video series (highly recommended), and he never covered how to test for a float which you don't have any value for or can even test for. In other words, I can't change crowd lighting in game and use CE to narrow down the changes. I also looked in crowd_lighting.fx as well, but still not sure how to ID values within. Hopefully someone can point me the right direction. Thanks guys.
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