Hyperballer & DCAllAmerican NBA 2k19 Roster (XBOX One)

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Hyperballer & DCAllAmerican NBA 2k19 Roster (XBOX One)

Postby DCAllAmerican on Sat Jan 25, 2020 1:42 pm

As usual, this project is only for those of us that still play "Franchise Mode" vs. the CPU.

As of today,

The 2nd installment of the NBA 50 has been completed and uploaded onto Xbox live. Version v1 of the sliders are also uploaded.

All GamePlay Videos Can be Found: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... bXftOmbq_E

Roster File gamertag: DCAllAmerican
File Name: “Retro Edits”

Sliders File gamertag: Jzel32

Things edited; Attributes, Tendencies, Badges, Play Types, Vitals, Signature Dunks & Dribbles, and Coach Profiles & POEs to better mimic each team's and players individual style. You'll notice in playing against the old school teams versus the current teams.

HypeDC - NBA 50 - v2

NEW - Northwest Division
Utah Jazz
Denver Nuggets
Oklahoma City Thunder
Minnesota Timberwolves
Portland Trailblazers

NEW - Central Division
Milwaukee Bucks
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers
Detroit Pistons

Southwest Division
Memphis Grizzlies
Dallas Mavericks
New Orleans Pelicans
Houston Rockets
San Antonio Spurs

Southeast Division
Atlanta Hawks
Miami Heat
Charlotte Hornets
Orlando Magic
Washington Wizards

NEW - 1980s
1982 Milwaukee Bucks (Replaces 1985 Bucks)
1986 Boston Celtics
1989 Atlanta Hawks (Replaces 1986 Hawks)
1985 Los Angeles Lakers (Replaces 1987 Lakers)
1989 Detroit Pistons
1988 Chicago Bulls (Replaces 1989 Chicago Bulls)
1983 New York Knicks (Replaces All-Time Knicks)
1989 Dallas Mavericks (Replaces All-Time Mavericks)
1982 Denver Nuggets (Replaces All-Time Nuggets)
1986 Houston Rockets (Replaces All-Time Rockets)
1983 San Antonio Spurs (Replaces All-Time Spurs)
1983 Phoenix Suns (Replaces All-Time Suns)

1961 Celtics (Replaces 1965 Celtics)
1954 Lakers (Replaces 1965 Lakers)
1968 Lakers (Replaces 1971 Lakers)
1966 76ers (Replaces All-Time 76ers)
1964 Hawks (Replaces All-Time Hawks)

1973 Knicks
1977 76ers
1972 Bulls (Replaces 1985 Bulls)
1977 Cavs (Replaces All-Time Cavaliers)
1972 Celtics (Replaces All-Time Celtics)
1977 Jazz (Replaces All-Time Jazz)
1976 Kings (Replaces All-Time Kings)
1977 Trailblazers (Replaces All-Time Trailblazers)
1973 Warriors (Replaces All-Time Warriors)
1976 Bullets (Replaces All-Time Wizards)

2011 Bulls
2011 Mavericks
2013 Knicks (Replaces 2012 Knicks)
2012 Thunder
2013 Grizzlies
2013 Heat
2014 Clippers
2014 Pacers
2014 Spurs
2016 Cavaliers
2017 Warriors (Replaces 2016 Warriors)
2017 Pelicans (Replaces All-Time Pelicans)

Still to come...
-Atlantic, and Pacific divisions
-1990s, & 2000s team packs
-MyLeague - Includes 2019-20 Opening Day Rosters and Lineups.
-2020 Draft Class with over 100 real prospects
-Greatest Dunkers of All-Time Draft Class
-Greatest Shooters of All-Time Draft Class
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