Rodman's hair on CF

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Rodman's hair on CF

Postby garypayton on Sat Dec 21, 2019 8:47 pm

Hi guys,

I am adding Rodman's hair to another CF. I did it with other "hairs" but this time i don't know what i'm doing wrong. I added all the hair_ .iff files, I also changed the appereance adding this lines from the rodman's appereance file :

"accessory_items": {
"items": [
"name": "hair_01",
"type": "hair",
"mesh": "hair_01Shape",
"meshlo": "hair_01_loShape",
"tangentspace": "both"
}, {
"name": "hair_02",
"type": "hair",
"mesh": "hair_02Shape",
"meshlo": "hair_02_loShape",
"shader": "hair_02_shader=hair_shader",
"texture": "hair_02",
"facetexture": "face_02",
"tangentspace": "both"

Now, the player appears with rodman hair shape, but the hair has a normal brown color. What am i doing wrong?

If i move the hair files included in the rodman png.iff to the png of the player, the game crashes.

Basically, i can't see the color. Help pls
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