JEDL's Fictional Roster w/ Custom MyLeague Simulation Sliders

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JEDL's Fictional Roster w/ Custom MyLeague Simulation Sliders

Postby JEDL on Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:18 pm

Here's a fictional roster I've been working on. It's perfect for using with fantasy drafts. This is for those tired of restarting MyLeague each time with the same ol' players. Should go well my fictional draft classes.

In 2K Share: JEDL Fictional Roster

Yes, mostly it's cyberface swaps and name changes but here are some features which make it more different when compared to the default roster:

  • Some player stats have been moved around to make them indistinguishable and unique. I tried swapping stats with retro players but when starting MyLeague, the game erases the stats that used retro players so I was left with a limited selection pool. Also had to make sure that the player I swapped with had to have similar stat lines.
  • Attributes have been adjusted. I nerfed Intangibles, Offensive and Defensive Consistency as they were too high. Steals were buffed since they were way too low for some reason.
  • Toned down on some of the badges for some players. 2K was too generous in handing them out, particularly for the elite players.
  • Players have been moved around. I mostly traded players rated 74 and below randomly to other teams of similar position. Some star players have been moved as well.
  • Got rid of Two-Way contract players. These players will explode in OVRs so I had to release them and remove their contract status.
  • Adjusted Peak Start and Peak End for all players on a team.
  • Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches all have been changed. Adjusted their attributes, style and POE as well.

You will notice some 2K MyCareer characters are present. Here's a list of them:
Chevon "Che" Vasquez- Knicks
Miles Ashley- FA Pool
Marcin Gru- FA Pool
Porter Rose- FA Pool
Axel Walden- Timberwolves
Howie Carter- Pacers
Angelo "AI" Irving- Bucks (Yes, he's a CAP but that's exactly how he looked like on the MyCareer trailer)
Shammy Wells- Heat
Frederick "Frequency Vibrations" Vincent- Suns
Vic Van Lier- Suns

Unfortunately, 2K got rid of the other cyberfaces from other characters so I couldn't include them. However, I still haven't put in Pres and ATM so I miiiight add them in the future.

Note: Shammy Wells and Freq were on my Fictional Draft Classes, I updated and replaced them to avoid duplicates.

MyLeague Simulation Sliders

Settings on 2K Share: JEDL Realistic Sim (it's the most downloaded one on PC so you won't miss it)

More information:

Player Fatigue Rate- 50
Player Recovery Rate- 50
Team Style Factors
Team Pace- 75
Team Fastbreak- 75
Possession Results
Possessions Per Game- 75
Shots- 45
Assists- 45
Steals- 50
Blocks- 55
Turnovers- 55
Fouls- 50
Injuries- 60
Shot Types
Dunk- 70
Layup- 100
Shot Close- 35
Shot Medium- 10
Shot Three- 75
Shot Percentages
Dunk Percentage- 50
Layup Percentage- 40
Close Range Shot Percentage- 45
Medium Range Shot Percentage- 35
Three Point Percentage- 40
Free Throw Percentage- 50
Stat Distribution
Shot Distribution- 55
Offensive Rebound Distribution- 32
Defensive Rebound Distribution- 26
Team Rebounds- 50
Assist Distribution- 60
Steal Distribution- 50
Block Distribution- 60
Foul Distribution- 50
Turnover Distribution- 50
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