Bird Flies With The Rockets in NBA Live 95

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Bird Flies With The Rockets in NBA Live 95

Postby Andrew on Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:32 am

In our latest 20th Anniversary of NBA Live feature, I recall something fun I once did with NBA Live 95, mainly just to share one of the most hilariously bad photo editing jobs you'll ever see.

Bird Flies With The Rockets in NBA Live 95


I’ve never been a big online basketball gamer, but that doesn’t mean I’ve always played them alone. Back in high school, my cousin – also a huge basketball fan and hoops gamer – would come to stay with us every school holidays. Whenever we weren’t watching basketball, or out in the backyard emulating the moves of our favourite players, we were playing basketball video games. NBA Live and NBA Jam were our titles of choice, and as the years rolled by and my collection grew, we had a few different versions of NBA Live to choose from. At one point, we started replaying the 1995 season in NBA Live 95 PC, with the Houston Rockets.

We always used to play co-op, because we preferred being on the same team and trying to win as many games as we could, together. Of course, when it’s two human users vs. the CPU, you need to find ways to keep things fresh, challenging, and interesting. In our NBA Live 95 season, we did that in the usual manner: making a few trades, aiming for certain statistical marks and records, and trying to blow out the CPU by the largest margin possible.
Oh, and Larry Bird made a comeback for our Houston Rockets, part of the way through the season.
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