James Harden tendency

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James Harden tendency

Postby sanchupapa on Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:50 pm

Hi folks,
To those who simulate MyGM/MyLeague, does your Harden shoot few shots too? How do I up Harden's number of attempt in 2k20 MyGM/MyLeague? My man's only shooting around 15-17 attemps a game which is far less from real life. Tried messing around with the tendencies but still no luck, even John Wall shoots more than him. Thanks
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Re: James Harden tendency

Postby timmyd on Sun Jan 17, 2021 6:57 am


I've been down this road a million times.
I put his shooting tendencies to 99/100 and touch tendencies to 99/100
I also lower touches and shooting tendencies for his team mates.

James Harden: Shooting Tend = 100
James Harden: Touch Tend = 100
(decrease 3pt shooting tend by 10-15 and increase driving as well by 10-15

2nd highest players
John Wall: Shooting Tend = 70-78
John Wall: Touch Tend = 70-78

3rd highest player, even lower than John Wall or at the same.

Also, in minutes played, I edit Houston lineup and put James to 40-45mins lol

This is an extreme measure, but I also increase fouling tendencies for big men all around the league and the league in general.

My end result?

James Harden averages
30-35ppg, 6-8 rbs, 6-9 apg and.... 8-10 FT per game.

Cheers, I can whatsapp some screen shots to you if you like.
Willing to help complete rosters for season/my league use.

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