On The Fly Coaching Defense adjustments

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On The Fly Coaching Defense adjustments

Postby dimonzo1982 on Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:37 am

Hey players hello:) who can help me understand and explain these defense adjustments. Where i may watch what it means or some explanation? It would be cool to find and watch video about these defense adjustments.
Team Adjustments
1. Auto
2. Switch Everything
3. Four Out Corners Tight
4.Stay Home
5.Straight Up
6.Shrink The Floor
7.No Threes
Transition Focus
1.Auto Trans
2.Protect Perimeter
3.Wall Up
Focus on Player
2.Give it Up
3.Nothing Inside
4.Force Jumper
5.Run Off Line
6.Make Him Score
7.Stay Home Under
8.Stay Home Over
9.Force Drive
10.Boxes & Elbows
11.Boxes & Elbows Jazz
12.Boxes Post
14.Trap the Box
15.Jordan Rules
16.Wall Up
17.Protect Perimeter
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