[question] - Changing Private All-Star team-up lineup

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[question] - Changing Private All-Star team-up lineup

Postby BWallace_Goat on Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:41 am

Hello guys, after some months searching online and tinkering with the game through the tools that were so kindly made available on this forum I have finally managed to play a private session, with a couple of friends, of an All-Star team-up with custom rosters. However, I found out immediately that after changing the roster the starting lineups always ended up fucked up: all-time versions of players instead of normal ones, low overalls instead of the highest ones league-wise, players listed in mixed orders, etc etc.

Therefore, I'd like to ask if anybody has found a way as to alter the all-star team-up lineup, and if it did, if he/she could kindly share the information.
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