Badges to Use and Avoid in Custom Rosters?

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Badges to Use and Avoid in Custom Rosters?

Postby RayRay_953 on Sun Aug 30, 2020 8:00 am

I've seen people talk about which sliders are best suited for their needs, but sliders alone won't give you a completely improved simulation experience. Sometimes, certain badges can have a tendency to break parts of the game. For instance, the Intimidator badge on its higher levels can cause even basic layups to miss at a high frequency, not unlike the patches in NBA Live 19. Conversely, some of the offensive badges like Green Machine can have players make much more shots than they're supposed to. This is similar to how past-gen 2K14's badges were considered overpowered, and many roster creators chose not to use the badges in their custom rosters.

One idea I had for players who could make contested shots in real life was either removing or lowering the level of the Intimidator badge for perimeter defenders, and maintaining the Steady Shooter badge for the shooters. The baskets aren't guaranteed if contested, and slightly lower the percentage when open, but it doesn't make shooting a slightly contested shot almost impossible unless you're the AI. Some players like Booker, Lillard, Kawhi, etc are capable of making contested shots in real life, but the default badge assignments make it almost impossible for them to do so ingame.

So my question comes down to this; in addition to custom sliders, what badges do you tend to use and remove for a more sim-oriented experience?
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Re: Badges to Use and Avoid in Custom Rosters?

Postby Andrew on Sun Aug 30, 2020 2:07 pm

I'd definitely use Intimidator sparingly, with the higher levels only for the truly elite shotblockers and paint defenders. On the other hand, Giant Slayer, Consistent Finisher, and Pro Touch also have to be used carefully I think, as they can make players finish way too easily inside.
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