Making a Podcast partially inspired by the community here

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Making a Podcast partially inspired by the community here

Postby highdrydraftpod on Sat Aug 08, 2020 10:22 am

Hey all! Thank you all for being such a great community and resource over the years. In fact, coming here and getting rosters or downloading draft classes or from here totally changed how I interact with 2k and the NBA. I use a 36 team myleague fantasy draft with only the All NBA teams player pool to thin the talent out then sim two years to get this and next years draft incorporated then I edit rotations for every team and play (or usually, watch CPU-CPU play each other w my teams) and I’m trying to leave my years of lurking NBA draft / 2k communities and teach myself how to podcast with a show about these things

I wrote a long self-indulgent google doc concerning the how / what why of this podcast that you can read here: but basically

I’m rambling about the NBA draft, 2K, youth basketball memories in general and team building / lineup philosophy with a real draft expert and also a supplemental guest.
It’ll be more entertaining (hopefully) than a lot of draft content that is generally pretty objective and scouting report-y because y’know its the draft. In addition to being it being available as an audio podcast I’m also uploading some full CPU v CPU games of these 2k generated rosters I like throwing together and editing for realism / my draft opinions. Feel free to suggest edits etc. rn using a base roster I’ve been tinkering with and also been tinkering with blue jay brandon / chiliad from OS's classes.

You can check out episode one at this link:
(/also anywhere you get podcasts)

or here on YouTube with some 2K CPU v CPU gameplay to accompany the audio.
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