Please 2K give users full control on the type of shot they want to do

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Please 2K give users full control on the type of shot they want to do

Postby Amioran on Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:06 pm

It is insane to think that in a game that should simulate real basketball you cannot even have full control on the type of shot you actually want to do, and you are instead led by the type of animation linked to the contextual circumstances that the game itself decides for you. For example it is outright impossible to do a proper fadeway in this game, as you can do fadeways only and exclusively while moving and being off balance (and even there it is the game that decides if you will do a fadeway or a simple pull up, depending on the context), but that's not how 90% of the players that utilize the fadeway as a weapon use the shot, instead they stop on a dime and THEN they do a fadeway (elsewhere momentum propels you where it wants to, and you can see this also in the game). So you have a game of basketball where you cannot even play as Jordan or Kobe did, neither if you want to, imagine that. What makes this specific issue even more frustrating is that there was a way in old 2Ks to do fadeways at will (L stick away from the basket while shooting) but they removed the option altogether now (as it's usually the case with 2K; instead of expanding they remove).

I don't know why 2K doesn't use the right stick to give the ability to the user to perform the type of shot they want (tying full control of shots to the right stick, as they do with layups). They would literally have a full world at their disposal and yet they aren't utilizing it at all. They only added lately the possibility to do step-backs with the right stick, and the only other special shot you can do with it is the bank shot, nothing else. It would be so easy to, for example, add the possibility to do a fadeway by simply moving the right stick away from the basket as it was before (without turbo, with turbo doing the usual step-back), or doing drifters when using lef or right on the stick and so on and so forth; the combinations are literally endless and it would benefit the game greatly.

The lack of ability to control the shot tied with the arcadification of the shots animation is yet another nail in the coffin in this game for what it concerns it being an actual simulation of the sport, and the saddest part is that such modifications wouldn't even require much work to do, it is just that their focus lies elsewhere from many years at this point.
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