Game Mechanics ?

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Game Mechanics ?

Postby Skysect on Tue May 26, 2020 10:34 pm

I have few questions about game mechanics. In the past years I nearly played all of the NBA games.
Actually it's kinda weird but I really like arcade style than the simulation style games. Although I don't think recent arcade style NBA games were good.
None of them had a success for my perspective. They didn't work well. Or updates are kinda sucks. Nearly everything were wrong.
Especially I am looking at to you NBA Playgrounds. Anyways I am really really enjoying to play MyTeam mode.
Even spent some money on this mode and I am not regretting it because I quite enjoyed. And it seems NBA 2K20 is one of my favorite in all of those history.
For my opinion All Time NBA Teams were a huge success. It's kinda burned the bonfire after a long time period.
Well, as you know 2K shutting down servers after the 24 months past from the release.
With that purpose, I tried to emulate that game mode (MyTeam) and I am creating my original rosters. So I am basicly copying everything of released cards.
Balancing a few issues of this mode. Equalizing the teams. Everthing seems going well. Anyways if you played that mode, you know how badges are working
or how they seems. After nearly each move, on the top of screen those badges are appears. But I am not sure are they really affects single player modes ?
They were never popped in other modes. By the way I never interested with online modes. Even I am playing MyTeam as a single player.
So I picked this year's version as my favorite and I am working on it that's all. Nothing so special. Ok please share your ideas about that with me. Is that everything could be emulated in Offline ?
Or some of them locked with servers etc. ? I really don't have that much knowledge.
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Re: Game Mechanics ?

Postby Andrew on Wed May 27, 2020 4:22 am

Player Badges have the same effects in all modes. They boost player abilities beyond and in addition to the basic ratings/attributes. This includes increasing shooting percentages and the likelihood of getting Green releases, causing opponents to miss shots when in their vicinity on defense, release jumpshots quicker, break ankles easier, and so on. There are a few that are MyPLAYER-specific and thus only come into play in MyCAREER and its connected modes, but generally speaking, they're abilities that real players have as well.

The effectiveness of the Badges depends on their level, which goes Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame. Each level provides a bigger boost to its respective ability. MyTEAM has some really overpowered cards that are loaded with Badges on top of inflated ratings. If you're looking for more of an arcade experience, loading up players with Badges is the way to go.
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