MyTEAM Advertisement in MyCAREER

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MyTEAM Advertisement in MyCAREER

Postby Andrew on Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:14 pm

Fired up MyCAREER to do the Daily Spin, and noticed this advertisement for a limited time offer in MyTEAM pop up:



I recently read some comments from 2K's CEO to the effect of while NBA 2K20 has set records for sales/installations and engagement, recurrent revenue - though still high - hasn't been record-setting. I assume this an attempt to pump up those numbers, pushing MyTEAM more aggressively in MyCAREER beyond a couple of ads in The Neighborhood and menu, and actually making the first menu option in MyCAREER a deal to spend money on a completely different mode.

In a way, this is benign. It can be ignored, and I imagine the option will disappear once the offer ends. It is still somewhat intrusive of course, and more to the point, a worrying sign of things to come. 2K has been pushing their luck and become increasingly aggressive with this stuff, and that's not going to stop if the company is going to chase record-setting recurrent revenue numbers every year.

Now, one might say "so what, there are still modes that are free, just don't play the ones with VC". That certainly is an option, but there are a few problems with that stance:

  1. Just because we're not personally affected by an issue in NBA 2K doesn't mean other people aren't, and we should all reasonably expect a positive and enjoyable experience as gamers and consumers, regardless of our choice in modes. We should also stand together as a userbase and support each other on these matters, because 2K as a company sure isn't going to be looking out for us.

  2. If the primary objective is to milk the userbase for recurrent revenue rather than put out a quality product, then the game is going to suffer a drop in quality that will affect everyone to some extent. In other words, if the focus is on mechanics and modes that get people to spend money ahead of making a quality sim and fun virtual basketball experience, it won't matter if you don't play MyTEAM or MyCAREER. You'll at least indirectly suffer from legacy issues and other modes not receiving adequate attention, because that's no longer a chief concern.
  3. To that point, if the goal is to pump up the recurrent revenue numbers year after year, who's to say that those other modes will remain free of those mechanics indefinitely? Look what happened with the first iteration of MyGM in NBA 2K14 on PS4 and X1. Look at the previously free content in MyCAREER that now costs VC. Who knows how far the game will end up pushing things, if the suits demand those numbers go up, up, up?
In other words, there's reason to care, even if this stuff doesn't affect you personally right now. It may well affect you in the future and even if it doesn't, like I said, we should support each other on these matters. Again, we need to be for each other, because the suits definitely aren't for us.

This isn't new of course, and it's nothing that people haven't been calling out and pushing back on for some time now, but it's the latest example of 2K being pushy about microtransactions. They're not the only game doing it, but that doesn't make it OK, just as it isn't OK in those other games. It's hard to remain optimistic about the future of NBA 2K (and gaming in general, ahead of a new generation) when this is the direction. I hope I'm wrong, I hope I'm being slightly paranoid and worrying for nothing, but the trends aren't good; not for us, anyway.
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