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NBA 2K21 Wishlist

Postby Andrew on Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:40 pm

It's about time to start our Wishlist for NBA 2K21, so here is our official NBA 2K21 Wishlist thread! This is the place to post constructive feedback that will be submitted to the NBA 2K Development Team; that means anything from bugs that need fixing, to features that you want to see added or improved upon, to anything else you feel would make the next iteration of NBA 2K better.

A couple of notes and important suggestions on how to give the most comprehensive and useful feedback (based on previous conversations with developers):

Important Notes & Suggestions

Please keep this stuff in mind as you're posting your ideas!

  • One suggested format is to post your top 15-20 wishes/suggestions for the game, ie. the 15-20 most important things that NBA 2K21 needs to do/add/improve upon. If you have a couple of extra points, that's fine, but try to prioritise. If you don't have that many suggestions, that's fine too; just post the feedback you have and want to share with the developers.

  • Alternatively, post your top ten or so suggestions you have for different aspects of the game, such as gameplay, game modes, presentation, features, and so on. Again, if you have less than ten, no problem. That's a strongly suggested maximum for the lists, not a minimum.

  • Make sure that you elaborate and post further details where necessary. There's no need to write an essay - there's nothing wrong with being brief, direct, and to the point - but saying things like "better gameplay" doesn't give enough feedback. Explain how you want gameplay to get better, what changes are required to see an improvement. Mention specific issues, along with relevant improvements and fixes you want to see. A few sentences or subpoints are fine, and will add clarification.

  • Be constructive! No insults, flaming or bashing in this thread. If you're not interested in providing actual feedback and discussing ways to improve the game, please move along. If you want to vent about NBA 2K20, please feel free to make use of other threads in the Forum, but this is a thread for constructive feedback only. You don't need to sugarcoat things, or hold back on talking about stuff that needs to be fixed, just don't be abusive or needlessly snarky. Explaining what you think is broken or unsatisfactory, and what you want to see changed, is useful feedback. Telling the developers they're stupid, suck, and you hate them, on the other hand, is not.

  • Lists of bugs that haven't been resolved in the NBA 2K20 title updates are also most welcome.

That's about it. Feel free to start posting your ideas and if you have any further questions, just ask. We'll be passing along all feedback in an organised list, which will also contain a "Top Wishes" section based on general consensus.
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Re: NBA 2K21 Wishlist

Postby Dee4Three on Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:06 pm

(Y) Here is my Wishlist

Most of what I want to see improvement on are gameplay related. The game itself is the deepest sports game on the market overall, but that doesn't mean that roster accuracies don't hurt the depth somewhat.

Skating/floating players should be addressed: It has been a staple of the last three games (2K18, 2K19 and 2K20). Its not only visually troubling, but it also impacts outcomes and hurts the feel. Better foot planting is sorely needed.

Sucked in: Being sucked into other players is another item that is visually troubling, but also impacts outcomes and hurts the feel. Have the ball in the post? If a defender is within a few feet of you, you will often get sucked into him (Which sometimes results in you losing the ball), Trying to finish strong at the rim with space? If a defender is a few feet within distance you will be sucked into his body, impacting the % chance the shot has to go in. This is easy to feel and see in real time, but especially noticeable when you go into instant replay, where you will see your players feet sliding across the floor into another player.

Shooting: Go back and play 2K15 through 2K17, and you will see and feel that shooting makes more sense. The shooting motion for the players feel better, less rushed, and more authentic. In NBA 2K20 the shooting not only feels rushed, but it also feels like you have less control because of it.

Dribbling: I would prefer the size-up system that we had in 2K16, where we had front, back, and side sizeups that we could use in full or break out of. The new dribbling system needs work, as changing directions with the dribble feels awkward, and the dribbling mechanics in general are lacking in authenticity. The ball just transfers hands often, and dribbling speeds are unrealistic at times as well.

Animation delay: Passing on the perimeter feels delayed, and at times heavy animations are the cause. Moving the ball on the perimeter is not nearly as smooth, quick, or reactive as it should be, which impacts outcomes and allows the defense to easily adjust to what would be in real life a wide open shooter. Go back and play titles that had better and more reactive passing (2K15 through 2K17), the difference is not a small one.

Defense: Transition defense is a nightmare. You can literally just run by the CPU a lot of the time for an easy score, often times the defender just moves out of the way, or the CPU player gets confused and just goes to guard someone else leaving the paint completely wide open. Help defense is no better, as you can routinely get to the hoop and score after you get by your first man, and the defense seldom adjusts. On ball defense is hurt by blow bys that happen often (Not as bad as 2K18, but still pretty bad). I can routinely ISO with a quick player on the hardest level, and just keep running to the hoop and scoring (with no dribble moves), and help rarely adjusting. I demonstrated this on one of my videos. Slider tweaks can help address it, but not get rid of the problem completely. And, the game shouldn't allow that to begin with on the higher difficulties by default, that is not something the game should have as an issue out of the box. Its foundation needs to be better than that.

Legacy Issues: Dropping the ball still happens more often than it should, often times it happens when the ball doesn't make contact with anything (Hits the air close to a player). Body steals and body blocks are legacy issues for the series and still need to be looked at.

Takeover: I think this element should be removed completely, it feels incredibly arcade and belongs more in NBA 2K Playgrounds.

Playcalling: They took away the quick playcalling by position that so many people loved from 2K17, 2K18 and 2K19. You used to be able bring up your players icons, and for example choose your SF, followed by having a set of quick plays you could call for them on the fly. I've seen a thread about this on Operation Sports where basically everybody was in agreement about how disappointing it is that it wasn't included in 2K20.

Roster accuracy: The retro teams are neglected, and poorly done. You have direct copy and paste jobs (Billy Cunningham has all of Blake Griffins signatures), they changed jump shot animations but didn't go through and adjust the players appropriately on the retro teams. Example: Drexler has a set shot now with a release in front of his face because the jump shot 8 animation was changed, which was his old base, and they just imported it from 2K19 and didn't adjust him. The same thing happened to Dominique WIlkins, and numerous other players on the classic teams, where they shoot absolutely nothing like themselves. This is not only disrespectful to the classic players and legends, it also impacts the experience with those teams. And for those who don't know any better, they can be left with the wrong impression about a player or his playstyle with all of these inaccuracies. As if kids today weren't already mostly clueless about the past NBA, it certainly doesn't help when a popular sports game does a poor job representing the past. I mentioned Blake/Cunningham copy and paste job, I have a list of over 30 of them I found.

Speed/quickness/vertical ratings are mostly inaccurate for the retro teams, as are much of the tendencies and other ratings (like mid range, 3pt, dribbling ratings), etc. With the now teams, they do a bit better of a job. But still certain inaccuracies stick out like a sore thumb, like Luke Doncic having a 0 on step back tendency, and stars having higher ratings than they should in many areas.

Net: The net doesn't react realistically at all by default, which is why Maumaus net mod was such a big hit when I showed it on my youtube videos. The net doesn't have enough movement, shots rarely swish, and it just overall lacks the life it should.

Running animations: The running animations in 2K20 are truly puzzling/ Players look like ostriches when they run, and it's happening all game.

Be more FOR the gamer, and more fair to the gamer: The money grab has not stopped, in fact its gotten worse over the last 3 years. Consumers are sick of it, and feel forced to spend extra money on VC in order to be competitive and play with friends relatively close to launch. The grind is wearing on people, and they are making it known. A good amount of the player base is fed up with 2Ks "greedy" practices (without a lack of a better word for it). If they keep going the way they are, another company could come in and do things right by the gamer, threatening 2Ks reign at the top. A big reason for the rock bottom user scores on Steam and Metacritic is because of this. Preying on kids/teens is not a good look for 2K, and by preying on them they are also preying on the parents. People deserve better.

TNT scoreboard/License: Who wouldn't want to see this in 2K21? We have wanted it for years, especially with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaq already in the game.

Barkley/Miller: Donate to the retired players association and get Barkley and Miller squads in the game, which would also make them available in myteam That donation would probably grant you access to other missing legends and retired players as well.

So again, most of my wishlist are gameplay issues I would like to see addressed, or parts of the gameplay in general that I would like to see improved. Nothing is more important than what is happening between the lines during an actual game.

I am however looking forward to NBA 2K21, I think 2K will try to make a statement like they did with NBA 2K14. I'm expecting the graphics to blow us away, while also tightening up the gameplay in some of the areas I mentioned above.
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Re: NBA 2K21 Wishlist

Postby sticky-fingers on Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:13 am

Gameplay :
- improve players reactions : they feel too heavy, not enough explosive for fast players : the game isnt just fun anymore
- improve speed difference between fast players and slow players, specially on acceleration. A slow C should not contain a fast PG even with simple dribbles...
- improve AI defense, specially in transition
- improve collision management between players, and players and with other 3D objects (ball, basket structure, side courts ads panel)
- bring back 2K19 ingame tactics selection menu
- improve default ROSTER : players tendencies, team playbooks for current and classic teams

Presentation :
- back to 2K10 pre game footage, 2K11 post game options.
- remove useless half-time animations or let us swap them faster
- bring back "player of the game" at the end of the game
- improve team select menu, something like that by conference
- bring back the VIP user console
- add more camera zoom/height options

Options :
- game rules : let us select the rules : no 3sec in paint, no 3pts etc ... (limnono tool shows that its implemented)
- allow us to create our own scoreboards, swipes, presentations, courts
- import players DNA, rosters from previous games
- let us create teams
- extra community option : let us edit rosters OFFLINE

Graphics :
- improve hair cuts, it looks so old gen for caucasian players (check nvidia hairworks)
- improve animations : foot planting, but also transitions between animations
- improve faces, specially some classic players (like W.Perdue) have been converted and are terrible
- improve cheerleaders :mrgreen:
- improve crowd, like in WWE
- graphic filters for retro teams like 2K did for 2K12
- impove CAP

Money :
- Remove VC
- Remove other adverts (tv show ads, hashtags etc...) ! we've PAID AND for a FULL AAA GAME ! or release NBA2K as a Freemium...

MyGM/MyLeague :
- remove (awful) scenario in MyGM
- it will be great to see players getting older (face, hair, weight, position)
- add random lockout periods

Online :
- improve netcode
- add match making
- make it simple to play a quick only game with a friend
- track/ban cheaters on PC

Steam :
- improve integration (Workshop / steamguard vats / cards)

- 2K21 with the new engine of the PS5
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