MyPLAYER Nation is worth checking out

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MyPLAYER Nation is worth checking out

Postby Andrew on Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:34 pm

If you play MyCAREER and its connected modes - and possibly even if you don't - the recently added MyPLAYER Nation is definitely worth checking out.

The reason? Double XP and Double VC, in games against the CPU with five minute quarters that don't count towards your season stats. That makes it quite useful in levelling up a bit quicker, and earning some extra VC, in games that don't have to have great personal consequence. In short, it can help with the grind.

There is also a commercial tie-in as completing certain objectives allows you to unlock Nike shoes that you can buy in real life, but that's not the only reason to play. When MyPLAYER Nation was unveiled, 2K led with that commercial tie-in and I think a lot of people immediately balked at it, because it doesn't present itself as having a tangible advantage or reward that didn't involve spending extra money. That's understandable and unfortunate because it obviously has its uses, but then again it makes sense that 2K pushed the commercial side of things. Unfortunately they haven't cultivated enough goodwill in recent years for it not to become the focus and looked upon negatively, but again, it's worth playing even if you have no interest in unlocking shoes to purchase a pair in real life.

Even if you're not really a MyCAREER gamer, if you don't mind player lock gameplay, then the Double VC rewards can also be useful for building up your balance to buy packs in MyTEAM. Once you get to around 82 Overall, you shouldn't have much trouble hanging with the CPU in MyCAREER, so whether you're grinding up a player for MyCAREER and the connected mods, or stockpiling VC for MyTEAM, it's a handy method for doing so.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention a recent positive about the game, and something that you may want to take advantage of. The commercial tie-in probably garnered more negative attention than anticipated, but looking past that, there's still value in MyPLAYER Nation.
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