Refresh Rate ingame

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Refresh Rate ingame

Postby johnwest1985 on Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:32 am

Question. Im currently using 120 hz as refresh rate with my moniter but then i noticed the ingame refresh rate menu setting. I tried changing it to 120hz but it causes some stutter and 2k20 warned me also. Is that not kind of strange ? The difference was rather big... any tips ? I did set 120 hz in nvidia panel and know its supported by trying other games and videos.
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Re: Refresh Rate ingame

Postby bee12 on Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:13 pm

Unfortunately I've had the same issue for about 10-11 days now. Just out of nowhere, no update, no new mods just dropped from over 200fps to 90-100. I have a 2080ti 3900x and it was running fine until then. No one else has had this similar issue on Reddit, Steam , 2k forums or here. I got so fed up with the dropped frames and bad model rendering I've just uninstalled the game. I sent a email to 2k technical staff and they took a few days to reply to me to let me know they have a long queue of issues. Doubt they will fix it, I went from over 200fps to 90 and my player models all look like they are on low when i could before run them on high comfortably.

Sorry I could not be more helpful but your problem will probably continue as very few people are having a similar issues, and there is a loud base who have issues with the game engine limitations and design choice.
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