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Postby Tobay93 on Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:22 am

My dear friends in the NLSC I beg all of you skilled modders out there if modding in 2K20 is possible like in 19 to please at first try to mod the Blacktop Court.I am so angry about many little things they didn't change the last 3-4 years and on top of the list is this ugly ass trash same Blacktop court from 19, 18 and 17. Not changing it for 3 years is one thing but 4 years in a row+no Neighborhood change?? 2K can't be serious with that. Plus players are still wearing these stupid ugly ass generic Tshirts which physics aren't moving correctly. I hated them in 2K17 already.
In my opinion there are so many beautiful options for the Street Mode like in older games Rucker Park, I always wanted a Beach Court with the current gen Graphics...

So many more little things (which are so easy to fix) are bugging me I'm curious if some of u also think like me or not:

Since 2K18 we don't have the Jordan Brand Player award and presentation anymore. Respectively yes we have that little Replay edit 5-2min before the end of the game in the 4th Quarter but it so stupid to have it there when the game is not decided, like if the score is close they always chose the best player of the leading team in that moment but if the other team gets the win, despite the Post game interview the true best player of the game will not be rewarded in replay form. And you can not even rewatch the best player replay edit in the post game menu.
In the older games it was so lit in the end of the game with cool music and effects the Jordan Brand Player Edit I want that back :cry: :evil:
(This one ingame Nike Slam Cam where they showed the exact height of the jump in B/W was so awesome as well.)
The music and fitting Hip Hop Beats also are missing in the specific player replay section post game and even in practice mode you're not able to turn music on. The atmosphere in older games with a nice beat in the background wasn't empty like this in my opinion :(

Another thing with the Replays bugging me since a few years that "beam" of the players to the other side of the court before the highlight action like a dunk is completed properly. For example Giannis Poster Dunk he hangs on the rim and 1. the replay never shows the "hanging" animations or emotions after the play they cut it much too quick and if you rewatch dat shit in Replay mode through menu where the Replay was cut ingame, it is cut in Replay mode as well and the "beam" effect happens which kills their nice (Dunk-) Animations in general and the emotions afterwards because it's teleporting the players to "re-set" the game which is annoying as fuck and wasn't there in the older games. Maybe the the Replays were short already and didn't always show the full emotion/celebration afterwards but in the Replay editor and ingame the attacking player walks properly from one side of the court to the other. They only show the emotion/celebration after an And1 or throgh timeouts/out of bounds but not anymore in the Replay right ingame and also NEVER a longer hanging Dunk animation and that's sad for my 10 year 2K-fan heart because it is such an easy thing to fix and in my opinion 2K is taking something away from their game by not changing that because Close Up and in Slow-Mo their game is looking it's best :evil:
I could imagine so many other cool Replay angles and Super-Slow-Mos...

Why there are no Replays in Blacktop mode still???
Why they don't just implement a little option in the menu for us to decide how the player wants the replays (and that's not a given with "never, sometimes, often") or just lengthen the shown a bit?

In The Player Editor: Why aren't we able to turn the player around anymore with RT/LT on the Controller to see the shown animation from a different angle more detailed? We already could do that in older games and it makes the editor so much better to able to do that.

All Star Weekend:
How and why did they not til this year add the fucking All Star Game as Quick Mode? And you're able to chose the players like in Blacktop mode. So easy and simple to do. 2K may think it's cool to just be able to enter it randomly through myleague or myplayer :evil:
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Postby SpliffCurryBeats on Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:08 am

As far as the first part of your post goes, I should have a bunch of replacement locations for the blacktop coming, as well as a few blacktops without a floor so that they can be replaced with new floors. (Y)
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