Creating a custom teams

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Creating a custom teams

Postby ATL on Mon Sep 25, 2023 1:31 am

What I would like to do is to create custom teams (10-12 or so) and players. Then add those players to the custom teams to play my own custom league with custom created players. Now it seems normal create a team functionality doesn't exist anymore, however I've seen that it's possible to some extent as there are people making fiba rosters, euroleague rosters etc.

Any suggestions what would be the best way to go about this? Is any newer 2k game better for this?

Right now it seems my options are following.

I can use myLeague for this, however then I have following issues:
-I can't remove teams. Does any newer 2k game has this option for PC/Steam version? How do euroleague rosters etc that are available deal with this as there are less teams there?
-I assume players ratings would then change on their own and there doesn't seem to be setting to stop this from happening.
-I also assume there isn't setting to skip drafts between seasons and I'm not so sure if it's possible to do draft with drastically smaller amount of players.

I could try to create these teams through 2k tools by replacing some NBA teams/historical teams etc with them. With that I have following issues:
-Stability? I tried to change some eleague teams type to normal for example and game crashed when trying to load them so makes me wonder what kind of stuff is doable and what is not.
-I can't seem to see my created players anywhere in 2k tools. Even if I search them by name I can't find them.
-I also wonder how difficult changing logos and such would be if I go this route.

Second option with 2k tools seems more viable here, since that would allow me to use those teams in play now and since I want strict control of all roster and ratings I feel myleague would mess with that. Overall I'm just looking some feedback from people who are more experienced with this. Is this doable on 2k20 or any newer version? I know in old games like 2k10 it was trivially easy to do this, but they had their own issues with create a player limits and such.
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