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Re: Roster Editing [CE]

Postby marbruno021 on Tue Apr 28, 2020 1:30 am

ksmiz wrote:I found the pointer for edit player like last year where you pull up the player you want to edit in the game then switch to cheat engine and the info will be loaded

This will likely only work right away for the first exe version of the game

For any new updates you will have to follow these steps below to update the pointer:

I put together screenshots on steps to find this pointer

1. Bring up a player in edit player and change last name to something unique in this example "YYYzzz" then just ok the last name but don't do anything else just leave it don't save changes to the player or anything else just stop go to cheat engine and search that string
[ Image ]

2.You found 1 great. Double click that down then right click and "Pointer scan for this address"
[ Image ]

3.Whatever the default settings are fine just click ok
[ Image ]

4.Name your file whatever you want then sit back and wait this may take a while
[ Image ]

5.I got a ton of results
[ Image ]

6.Click on Offset 0 to sort and find one of those two results that only have that single offset column just to make it easier
[ Image ]

7.Double click that result and it will pop it down to the table
[ Image ]

8.There is your pointer just paste it over to the edit player part of the table
[ Image ]

9.Make sure your address is a pointer and you made it look the same
[ Image ]

10.Go ahead and expand the rest by clicking that box
[ Image ]

11.Anybody you bring up in the game will now be filled in. Make your edits on CE and then go back to the game and save your changes when you back out of the player.
[ Image ]

i Got it
And how is for a edit team?
thanks, so much
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Re: Roster Editing [CE]

Postby idvtr21 on Sat Jun 13, 2020 5:54 pm

i want to search ballerz or ringers jersey data like u000..... but can't find it, can anybody help?
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