OldFoolStyle's retro teams *Biased Update*

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OldFoolStyle's retro teams *Biased Update*

Postby OldFoolStyle on Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:40 pm

I've added a new "what if" version of the Boston Celtics, placing the late Len Bias to the roster. I also considered adding Fred Roberts and Darren Daye, however neither of them would've made the team had Bias lived, perhaps I'll add them later. On the PC you can download them In-game by searching for OldFoolStyle.

1993-94 Seattle Supersonics (replacing 96 sonics)
1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers (replacing all-time 76ers)
1985-86-87 Boston Celtics (replacing 86 Celtics) *New*
1992-93 Phoenix Suns (replacing all-time suns)
1974-75 Washington Bullets (replacing all-time wizards)

These are mostly full rosters, with only a few players omitted due to lack of statistical data. I also had to add a few place holders to boost the teams to 15 players.
All ratings and tendencies are calculated based on full regular season statistics, not just best game or worst game or however i felt that day. So all player should play as realistic as possible and not as exaggerated arcade versions. Feel free to tweek them to your own tastes.
As I am more focused on ratings and tendencies, my CAP faces are rather hit-or-miss, I apologize for this. You should be able to figure out who each player is without much problem though.
While all teams have customized playbooks, I was not able to change their freelance sets. You will need to change these manually in-game to get the full effect. 76ers should run 80s, the Suns should run Flow, The Celtics and the Bullets should run Boston 86.


Disclaimer: If anyone decides to clean up my mess and re-upload, please give all credit/blame for my work to me and take all credit/blame for whatever changes you make.
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