NBA 2K19 Blender Importer/Exporter

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NBA 2K19 Blender Importer/Exporter

Postby trevorjpt33 on Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:17 am

Here is an updated Blender script for 2K19.

This is the same addon that we have been using since 2K17, only it has been revised to include all the accurate language for 2K19 files. I also updated the addon instructions in the README.txt for any newer modders. Just to clarify - this is NOT something you MUST have if you are doing any general modding on 2K19. As I'm sure you have noticed, the model itself will import and export fine with the current script. However, the skeleton will not. So, this update is only needed for CF Conversions and for any possible attempts at animation mods.

With this update, you will be able to import both the model and the accurate skeleton cleanly, as well as export the model. For those doing mods outside of CF Conversions and Animations: it might be of use to you to have the skeleton since it provides you with a lot more vertex groups to make selections and shrinkwrapping easier. Along with the ability to make precise changes in Edit Mode. But again, it is not a necessity for you.

*100% credit goes to @gregkwaste - he did all the actual work, all I did was rename some stuff*
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Re: NBA 2K19 Blender Importer/Exporter

Postby Andrew on Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:19 am

Good stuff, thanks for sharing! I'm sure the community will be able to put it to good use.
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Re: NBA 2K19 Blender Importer/Exporter

Postby TGsoGood on Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:24 am

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Re: NBA 2K19 Blender Importer/Exporter

Postby SexCurryBeats on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:16 am

Thank you!
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