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Re: NBA 2K19 Player Ratings Generator Tool

Postby justblaze518 on Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:30 pm

Suns_Of_Thunder wrote:Roster creators! CAP users! Modders!

When editing rosters and players, have you ever wished there was something available that could make your job a million times easier, that could just take a few stats and crank out a number for every single attribute for a player? Obviously over the years there have been some great tools available, and most people who do this sort of stuff all the time at least loosely have some formulas they use, but it's been 7 years since I last saw a public tool that actually had thorough formulas for even almost every rating, and that was just some random guy's Google Doc that I'm fairly sure was never really meant to be public anyway (and was made expliclity private after just a couple of months).

So I decided to create one. And in doing so, I took the "almost" out of the sentence from earlier. And then made it even more complex than it needed to be. See, what I've done is made a Google Sheets document where all you have to do is find a few stats, and it runs those numbers through 725 different formulas I have made to generate accurate results for all 49 attributes (the one caveat being that I condensed durability down to one "overall durability" rating), 11 of the most important tendencies, and every single badge (and yes that even includes the personality ones).

So without further ado, I bring to you...

The NBA 2K19 Player Ratings Generator Tool

I am also attaching a link to a 20 minute video which acts both as a tutorial on how to use it correctly and a discussion on a few flaws I've found in testing it. Luckily, I've now fixed many of those flaws! Here is a list of things I've updated in the couple days since making the video:

  • Added minimums and maximums so that attribute ratings cannot be higher than 99 or lower than 25 and that tendency ratings cannot be higher than 100 or lower than 0
  • Proportionally lowered post ratings for non-post players
  • Slightly reworked the formulas for Off-Dribble Shot Mid-Range, Off-Dribble Shot Three, and Speed with Ball to not be so top heavy
  • Slightly lowered the maximum rating for Ball Control
  • Drastically changed the Driving Dunk formula
  • Fixed a bug in the rating system for Contact Dunk that was making the rating always generate as 27 and was nullifying the generation of the Posterizer badge
  • Connected Lateral Quickness and Acceleration with Speed so that if you want to override the generated Speed rating based on the eye test, it will affect related attributes
  • Same as above, but with Vertical and Driving Dunk, if you want to override the generated Driving Dunk rating based on the eye test, it will affect related attributes
  • Reformulated Reaction Time entirely, much more realistic
  • Fixed generation of the Putback King badge
  • Made High Work Ethic, Corner Specialist, Mid-Range Deadeye, Deep Range Deadeye, and Bruiser badges generate slightly more often
  • Changed formula for floor general to weight it more in favor of PGs
  • Reworked part of the standing dunk formula
  • Fixed standing layup bug that affected about 10% of players
  • Small change to the lower end of the shot three formula

All being said, I am extremely proud of the many hours of work I've put into this and believe this is as accurate as we can get right now to a universal tool for generating player ratings. I spent a long time making sure that the averages in the real world NBA correlate to the median in 2K of their respective ratings for every attribute, plus for each octant, max, and min, etc., so as to reflect the curve that 2K generally implements for each rating. BUT that doesn't mean this is perfect in every way. I'm not that arrogant, to think that I've somehow cracked 2K's code, especially considering they clearly don't and honestly can't accurately rate everything with a simple formula. So here is a few disclaimers:

  • This tool is designed to be most applicable to stats hosted by RealGM. You may wonder "why not Basketball-Reference"? The main reason for this is that I am aiming for this to be a universal tool that can be useful for all sorts of different leagues and time periods. Basketball-Reference's accuracy and depth is unmatched except by the NBA's official website, for the last 15 years of the NBA and the last 5 of the NCAA. Anything outside of that very limited list of things they don't have. I have found RealGM to have by far the best combination of depth and universality.
  • Due to the previous point, I would like to advise you that if you are creating a current/recent NBA roster and you already have a reliable formula using Basketball-Reference or stats for: Post Fadeaway, Post Hook, Post Control, Open Shot Mid-Range, Standing Dunk, Shot IQ, Shot Contest, Low Post Defensive IQ, Boxout, Hustle, Pass Perception, or any of the tendencies I provide which are listed under the Jump Shooting or Post Play categories, you may be as accurate or potentially more accurate by sticking with your old formulas, especially the ratings listed that I bolded.
  • Many attributes affect other attributes/tendencies/badges, so if you use your own formula or simply decide something looks wrong, input it into its correct spot in the sheet so that it makes necessary adjustments to related attributes.
  • Athleticism-related (and to a lesser extent, mentality/iq-related) attributes cannot be calculated from statistics at nearly the same level of accuracy as skill-based attributes. I've done as well as I can to come up with good estimates, and I'm quite happy with most of the results I get for speed and strength, but definitely double-check these. Especially dunks, that's easily the most egregious stat on the list, even after a massive improvement I made with them a couple days ago.
  • I've narrowed durability down to one overall attribute. If you know a player has an injury history with a certain body part, lower it proportionally.
  • On-Ball/Pick and Roll/Low Post/Help Defense may be occasionally off, thanks to how limited statistical analysis of defense in basketball is. From the testing I've done with it, I've made sure it's quite accurate, but it won't always be perfect.
  • In NBA 2K games, intangibles literally does nothing aside from falsely raising and lowering overall ratings. No in-game effect, no sim effect. What I came up with is more designed toward the actual intangible factors of basketball, but I certainly wouldn't blame you if you instead just used it to fix overalls in the same way 2K does.
  • Potential's obviously not perfect, I can't see the future. It's more of a prediction of how 2K would judge a player's potential than my own analysis.
  • Not hugely happy with how the bottom end of the Postup Tendency turned out, especially since the vast majority of players will be in that range. Hopefully a quick fix soon.
  • Great post defenders generally seem to have their on-ball defense nerfed
  • Context is everything. For all of this, and honestly for life in general, but in particular for the badge generation section. Those are more of estimates than anything, especially in the personality section.
  • If you notice any trends in the ratings that are generated for you that maybe seem a bit off, don't be afraid to contact me, in this thread, via PM on this site, or by emailing me at
  • If you have any suggestions for tendencies you would like me to add formulas for at some point, please comment them on the thread here.

Hope this tool can help many of you, and happy roster editing!

Hi this tool would be very helpful for my roster project, but it does not let me access the file. Any help ?
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Re: NBA 2K19 Player Ratings Generator Tool

Postby EnzoIsPrettyCool on Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:25 pm

sra9888 wrote:Is this still active? I try to access the file, and it says I need permission from the person who created it.

same here, this would be so useful for me to convert my teams from bbgm to 2k. :(
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