Draw Foul as Center Tips

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Draw Foul as Center Tips

Postby wdt92 on Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:20 pm

So, to start, I've been playing 2K19 for a while. I have been mostly using modern players and the slider set I'm using (Schnaidt1's from OS) has been handling it unbelievably well regarding realistic foul calls with most playing styles. To provide more information, I also don't use the shot stick at all. I turn that to dribbles only. So, for my situation, I use the left stick typically to move into players. I don't know if that makes a difference for centers, but I know for layups and around the high-mid post, it helps draw fouls off of pump fakes. Either that, or it creates a placebo effect where I think it does. :lol: I have been playing a lot as LeBron, and I was averaging around 9 foul shots per game to give context on the sliders working pretty effectively and this seeming to work for me.

As you can tell from the subject though, I am having issues drawing fouls if I try playing as a center. Particularly it raises as an issue playing as Shaq. The game has the foul animation still, but the fouls just aren't being called and I'm just missing shots. I believe, though I may be mistaken, that means I just don't know how to correctly draw them in that position. Are there any tips you guys have in regards to best practices of drawing fouls inside (not driving to the paint or pump faking around the perimeter)? I want to keep it a realistic Shaq playing style if I can.

Also, before I forget, I've looked through the forums, and one piece of advice I've seen is raising the foul tendencies and hard fouls. I actually did both. I created a metric to up guards typically around 50-60% and centers are typically 85-90% from the little I've used it. Backups typically are the high 90s due to their per 48 #s. While this is helping with the game foul numbers, it doesn't help fix the issue. The other I've read is from Schnaidt's sliders in general, and that is placing the defense to physical. I've done that, and it also creates a little bump, but Shaq still has only around 5-6 free throw attempts if I'm really trying to manufacture fouls. So any help or tips you guys have would be very helpful! Thanks! :)
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