NBA 2K19 is Laggy.

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NBA 2K19 is Laggy.

Postby Brakayer on Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:41 pm

Greetings of PEACE!

Ryzen 5 2400g
RX 460 2GB SingleFan
8GB DDR4 RAM (2666Mhz)
60Hz DeVant HDTV

I have already tweaked settings(windows10, vc settings, game settings) for optimal gaming experience. Although 78% of the time the game is smooth I experience frame skips and drops. I have observed that the drops happen when stat boxes appear and/or when after cutscenes. It can also happen during late games when it is clutch time and the crowd is standing. The skips/hangs is inconsistent it mostly happen during after timeouts or freethrows.

I just recently upgraded my PC but I am really disappointed with the performance.

Resolution: 1360x768
Texture: HIGH
Player: HIGH
Media: Off
Crowd: HIGH
Max Ani: 1
Buffer: 3
Temporal AA: ON
Volumetric Lighting: ON
Floor Reflections: ON
AA: 4x

All other settings are off/lowest possible.

If someone has founded a tweak or a fix kindly please share it to the 2K Community
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