Slider question

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Slider question

Postby tinpanalley on Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:34 am

I've been tweaking sliders in sports games since, well, since sports games have had sliders to be honest so I'm always the first one to say on other forums when people ask for the "best sliders for [game X]..." that that doesn't exist and that you need to play the game and tweak until your abilities give you the challenge you want while giving you realistic results. However, and this is true for every single sports game I've ever played, there are certain sliders that are purely physics based. And I do believe that those need to be in a certain place to realistically recreate a sport. It's been ages since the jump from 'Rookie' to 'Pro' to 'All Star' meant simply an increase in speed and intensity and any good game nowadays will simply have those headings as starting points for the sliders but in the end the sliders are universal from 0 to 100 rather than having a different set for each skill level. Hence "custom" when you start tweaking.

So, are there any essentials, any must-have sliders in 2K19 that make the game more realistic feeling and playing on the court? The 2K hockey series had really cool "ice friction" and "puck friction" sliders and people could argue until they were blue in the face but at the end of the day, those sliders had a specific place they needed to be if you wanted your game to be anything like the NHL. So, anything like that here?

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Re: Slider question

Postby Andrew on Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:18 pm

I know Dee4Three was working on that. Unfortunately there are issues with the current motion system that are difficult to overcome, but you might want to give them a try: viewtopic.php?f=240&t=106212
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