The Road to 99 (NBA 2K19 Edition)

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The Road to 99 (NBA 2K19 Edition)

Postby Andrew on Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:28 pm

If you're playing MyCAREER and/or the connected online modes, what's your current progress on the Road to 99? Have you spent any money on VC or benefit from pre-ordering the 20th Anniversary Edition, or are you just grinding?

I'm doing my best to avoid buying any VC this year, and so I'm grinding up the old-fashioned way. It's made the few online games the NLSC squad has played a bit more challenging for me, since I'm still a paltry 64 Overall. It hasn't been completely unbearable though, and MyCAREER itself is more enjoyable than in NBA 2K18. My original intention was to take a break from MyCAREER this year, so it's definitely been a lower priority, though the prospect of playing some games with the guys has encouraged me to consider grinding a bit. I've worked my way up to Sixth Man status through nine games, and have earned six Badges. Badge grinding is certainly less of a chore this year, too.
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Re: The Road to 99 (NBA 2K19 Edition)

Postby DaCrispy on Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:03 pm

Haven't bought VC and never will but I'm at a 73 with almost all my badges on at least bronze with a couple on silver.
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