Dear Developers & & NLSC FAMILY.. REFINING OFFENSIVE CONTROLS & Offline Concepts

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Dear Developers & & NLSC FAMILY.. REFINING OFFENSIVE CONTROLS & Offline Concepts

Postby Geemonster84 on Thu May 02, 2019 4:26 pm

Dear Developers & :bowdown: NLSC FAMILY :bowdown2: …. REFINING OFFENSIVE, Give-And-Go System, Escape Dribble Moves, Passing, Mid-Air Adjustments

THIS HAS TO BE THE YEAR LIVE TEAM! - I really only focus on offline gameplay, please WORK ON THE NBA PART OF THE GAME!!!!! :chug:

I know the EA team is in development of NBA LIVE 2020 and hats off to them for still putting out patches to refine the gameplay and visuals of the game. Today l will be covering the Offense and Passing mechanism in future instalments and how they can be improved upon. AND OFFLINE MODES!

By The Way - I will be chewing the FAT off of LIVE's old concepts so bare with me.


HOW ABOUT THIS - Getting rid of GAMEPLAY Difficulty Setting after All-Star and introducing Dynamic Chemistry Mode which is a feature in itself OFFLINE.

OFFLINE CONCEPTS - I have covered offline modes and many other concepts in other blogs just like the card system which changes the gameplay modes in franchise mode and a little concept called :mrgreen: (Y) Live Season :mrgreen: (Y) . Let's see how we can incorporate Live Season for our offline people like myself.

This concept came to mind after listening to the NLSC podcast and l realize that my blogs are heading in the right direction. Live lacks real features and drama in game modes. We have The One but it doesn't really change the game play or make it different from many other game like 2K. I believe the way to change the NBA style game play is too look elsewhere in other gaming genres for inspiration.

Dynamic Chemistry - aka. New Auto-defence play calling system, analytics adjustments and automatic play calling.



1. User picks Favorite Team - During the season whatever team you select there real time match will be selected.
2. Choice to play NBA or WNB
3. NBA LIVE 2020 ask you if you want to enter Dynamic Season which automatically uploads your stats
4. Every time you enter a game, your favorite team will automatically show the real-time match up once the NBA season starts. If there is no NBA it will be randomize setting from last seasons events.
5. Mobile Capability...

Here is how it works after you play any game offline in the NBA or WNBA for that matter and it loads, you get a chemistry state (plays you like running, percentages made with certain players and moves you perform with players) sheet at the end. This state sheet is linked to one of the concepts l have came up with in my past blogs (l know l am saying this a lot lol) but all this ties together. The CPU teams you played in the past the coach will have a recount of how you played and try and counter act your strategies, heres the kicker in this Dynamic Chemistry. If you played with Russell Westbrook for example and you played terrible with him you :oops: keep :oops: the same confidence going into the next game, so your confidence meter stays with you.

How Coaches affect the Dynamic Chemistry! :cheeky:

Depending on the coach the game will be harder base on how real time match-up have occurred over the years AS A TEAM :applaud: . For example Toronto Raptors play terrible against LeBron James and throw several defenders at him but have no success in the post season so they start off with less confidence as a team so the players reflect this in game as a whole. Also while the in-game progress the coach will provide you will options to deal with said match ups.

phpBB [video]

Listening to Coaching has never been this exciting

:wave: How your mobile device plays a role. :wave:

Note: Once you enter the Dynamic Chemistry mode it will then send you push notification by the other coaches, NBA interviews by the coaches pre and post interview which will allow you to see how they played against you and how well your team does against each other(plus vs minus) of players due to matches and coach schemes. The coach can say things about your team that aren't every nice or even a player and its your job to make that player make his shots or prove his worth to the team after playing a bad game.




Trust in the Process... This has been NBA LIVE' Mantra!

Note: Its time to deliver on your promise to your followers, focus on the loyal ones and your differences from NBA 2K franchise.


Current State:

NBA Live 19 has dribble move due to the there combo system called the Freestyle control. I really enjoy this system however there is several flaws to the system in terms of positioning and angels. I will cover that in a minute but let’s stay on track with the current state of things. At them moment we have your size up dribbling and your moving dribble moves that are more limited in nature compared to size up dribble moves.


• They are completely controlled by the users
• They can chain together to create some interesting moves
• They are attribute base


• The size up dribble moves aren’t signature to their owners like Derrick Rose, Damain Lillard and Crawford
• There is no face up dribble mechanics that allows the user to drat from side to side which is how players get past their defensive opposition (well there is the turbo bottom however this animation is too over emphasized and easy to counter)
• Shooting out of this mechanic causes strange animation because the shot body language doesn't change while a defender is guarding the dribbler (we need better foot planting on angles)

phpBB [video]
Best of Derrick Rose’s playing 1-on-1 - Sick Moves!

Note: If you look at Derrick Rose’s body language while he is doing his face up dribble moves, he really hides his dribble lane intention to the basket from the defenders by swaying side to side. This would be a welcome change to the franchise, meaning that this should be apart of the dribble package face up dribble while the user presses the left and right stick. Turbo would only make this move cover more space and speed, therefore tapping turbo while pressing NOT holding turbo would make the between the legs faster and if you hold DOWN turbo it would make the player cover more ground in the animation where you could step back eventually for a open shot.

Note: To fix this maybe make the left and right stick more of a marriage with the turbo button. Or maybe make the turbo button make the dribble size look different in nature all together from the non-turbo size up. So that you can mix them up against the defensive player.



Note: The multipliers scheme seems to be the right approach make the player's dribble move be base on how they are handling there opposition!

NBA LIVE 2020 theme should be the Separation…

phpBB [video]

The Off-Arm: The Hidden Key to Ballhandling

Note: FIFA 19 has this mechanic in called shielding the ball. This would be welcomed addition in NBA LIVE 20 because it can be used to deal with defenders like Patrick Beverley who can be a pesky to blow by. Pumping the turbo button while trying to blow by the defender, however the defender can do the same but has to be causes of drawing fouls. Animations like pushing the ball handler into other players, or against the basket stanchion :twisted: etc.

NBA LIVE 19’s Step Back Mechanic

At the moment we have step back shots and side step shots all controlled by pressing down and releasing the right stick for a timely shot. These animations do look nice, however sometimes they make the user look out of control because we can’t control the angle of the shot to get away from the defender to get a green release shot. Their needs to be a 180 step back option governed by player placing in regards to the basket and defender.

Taking something from the old and making it new…


In NBA LIVE 14 they had the mechanic of double tapping triangle,instead we would use the shoot button to create the step back or side step animations this input would be a better addition then holding the right-stick and releasing which causes lags and having to wait for the canned animation to finish. With the combination of double tapping the shoot button and moving the left stick at the same time and holding and releasing the shot button is faster and allows the player to create better options as well as create traveling scenarios due to lack position or crafty defenders. Also combined with the turbo would create a faster and larger space step back or side step option.


CJ McCollum is a tactical step back and side step player and his gameplay style is sorely missed in NBA Live 19. It needs to be brought to the NBA LIVE 2020 because its how the mid range game is played.

phpBB [video]
CJ McCollum - Superb Separation (Step-back)

Welcome to the new Escape Dribble Moves – Thank me later lol :roll:

What to do with the (right stick step-back) if NBA Live Team remove it, this would be used as a step back faint dribble animation aka "Escape Dribble Move" to the step back into a dribble move left or right which would cause the defenders to be in a Spin cycle ankle breaker animation if its timed properly just like Shamegod move. :applaud:

phpBB [video]
NBA "Spin Cycle" Ankle Breakers & Fakes

:applaud: :applaud: Goodbye Shot Stick Step Back!, Hello "Escape Dribble Moves" :applaud: :applaud:

The possibilities are endless actually in terms of animations… Lets let Stephen Curry show us how to use the Escape Dribble Options :cheeky:

phpBB [video]

Stephen Curry Hesitation Shot Fake: Basketball Moves

phpBB [video]

Stephen Curry shakes Rudy Gobert - Spin Cycle Ankle Breaker

phpBB [video]
C J McCollum Crossover on Jrue Holiday

Note: Double cross over escape dribble to step back jumper!

phpBB [video]

How smaller players create space for a mid-range shot with the ESCAPE DRIBBLE package

Signature Combination multipliers - Think NBA LIVE 2008 dribble system! - THINK Batman Arkham Asylum Combat system :mrgreen: (Y)

Adding signature move combinations instead of go to moves would be a great addition. Such as James Harden's dribble step back or Stephan Curry's cross over, dribble to float. These moves can be like batman's chain combo affect system that gives the players boost and help team chemistry as the game goes on, there is also a downside to these chain moves stamina, dribbling the ball off defenders foot or your foot depending on spacing of the flooring.

Adding something from the OLD and polishing it for the new!

phpBB [video]

Adding back combination moves!

phpBB [video]

Adding controlled size up moves, that the USER controls

Now lets handle Passing in NBA LIVE 19 and how to improve and change the passing in NBA LIVE 2020


Here is where NBA LIVE 19 has a lot of problems… A lot

At the moment passing without icons is ill advised plus animations with off ball causes out right ridiculous situations happening sometimes.

I must admit that the NBA Live 19 development team did iron out some of the no look steals that occurred during the game. (Y) :)

:applaud: Shaving the fat off the passing in NBA LIVE franchise… :applaud:

I realize that the NBA LIVE team has a lot of problems following 2K which works sometimes, however most of the time it doesn’t. You are your own band or basketball and it needs to be your mission statement. What l find funny is that 2K is copy your brand of basketball more than you are theres so you’re obviously doing something right.

Removing freestyle passing mechanic.. :boohoo:

Note: Not everything needs to be on the analog sticks that includes shooting and pass unless its something that really ground breaking, just hear me out.

Let’s remove the freestyle still passing with NBA LIVE 20 new Freestyle Give-And-Go passing mechanic.

:bowdown: Brand New - Freestyle Give-and-Go – Let’s introduce this idea to the dev team. :bowdown2:

Now that we have freed up the pick and roll mechanic with just a tap of the bumper to call for a pick and roll… We can now use this same logic to the Freestyle Give-and-Go.

phpBB [video]

Nikola Jokic Fancy Over-the-Shoulder Assist to Jamal Murray

Note: What makes this function fun is that the user would switch into off ball control, controlling Jamal Murray in this case Its only and option.

phpBB [video]

Nikola Jokic Passing Highlights

Remember timing and position is everything during this mechanic. I will explain how to run this mechanic below.

Note: Once you have passed the ball to your Center or any player for that matter you hold down the R1 button and the Give-And-Go icon appears and Jamal Murray immediately run towards the basket and flicking the right analog stick in the direction depending on where Jamal Murray is in relation to Nikola Jokic. Keep in mind that the defensive player can completely lockdown the Jamal Murray causing a deflection or steal.

Note: This is not the same a dribble hand off, this mechanic can be done only when the player is not dribbling the basket ball. Also works great on in bound plays.

Flicking the analog stick = Lob Pass
Flick and hold = Regular Pass

:P Adding more to the Bounce Pass! :P

Currently the bounce pass is just a button press but what if we added some elements to the bounce pass to make it more important.

phpBB [video]

The Bounce Pass Alley Oops

The "Hard" Bounce Pass
This pass is done by double tapping the bounce pass button and aiming it at your team mate.

phpBB [video]

The Lead Bounce Pass

The Lead Bounce Pass
With this pass you have to HOLD DOWN the bounce pass and release it also aiming the pass with the left stick, a slight highlight marker will show where the pass is going (the marker must be faint so that real players can't see it so easily), however the player must be in a stable position to get the leverage to pass the ball with power. Think FIFA 19 lead passing!

Mid Air Adjustment

I haven't played NBA LIVE 16 but a lot of You-tubers have when back and started playing this game because they enjoyed it the collision and physic aspect of the game. NBA LIVE 19 uses more canned animation to improve the look of the game and l understand there reasoning however NBA LIVE development team needs to stop breaking its game to suit 2K players who will never come over or only there for clout chasing for there channels.

NBA LIVE 19 Canned Animations

1. Canned block animations
2. Steal animations
3. Lay-up animation
4. Rebound animation

All of these above canned animation needs to be fixed for NBA LIVE 2020 am not saying that we can't have canned animation but the focus should be purely rag doll physic base systems like Red Dead Redemption 2.

phpBB [video]

NBA LIVE would have simpler system for its rag doll physic the only difference is that NBA players would be bracing themselves for the fall instead.

phpBB [video]

NBA Hard Falls

Injury Grading System & AFTER THE FALL :argue:

Also they body language needs to mimic the how they react to falling hard afterwards as well as the Camera needs to zoom in on the player on a angle . There is needs to be various falls like 20 depending on stepping on someones shoe tripping after a cross over, hitting into a bigger player etc.

Injury Grading System :cheeky:
Note: Some players should be able to come back from some injuries instead of being out completely out of the roaster.

phpBB [video]

Hand injuries from swipe steals.

Note: I talked about different types of steals in my defence blog a month back please check it out.

phpBB [video]

Lay-up injuries, where the play keeps going until a timeout is taking by player or coach

phpBB [video]

Cross over injuries


After playing my brother countless times (who doesn't run plays and holds down the TURBO BUTTON on EVERY DRIVE) and still wins sometimes :x depending on the team he plays l realize LIVE 19 - :argue: BIGGEST PROBLEM :argue: with the NBA side of gameplay is there is no actually benefit to running plays and getting other ROLE PLAYERS INVOLVED unless they are open for quick easy three.


NBA LIVE does not respect floor spacing in terms of bumping into teammates well as defensive players and charging and block fouls

phpBB [video]

This animation doesn't even exist in NBA LIVE 19 and it should.

phpBB [video]

Marcus Smart does a great job showing different charging fouls from different angles.


phpBB [video]

Problem Solved #1 - THE PUSH OFF FOUL

phpBB [video]

Problem Solved #2 - Once the ball handler loses his dribble and guarded closely or double team comes, the user might try and pick up his/her dribble


Once again these are just concept that l came up with and hopefully the dev team does have time to introduce some if not all of these mechanics to the game. I know Andrew has clout on these streets and l hope he can pass my blogs around to the development team. Shout out from Canada, EA send your boy an invite to the Game Changer Events would love to visit the NBA Live team one day. Much love from Canada! Once again this is the year for change. Shout out to the :bowdown: NLSC FAMILY :bowdown2:

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