Live Run details

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Live Run details

Postby [Q] on Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:20 am

Key change is that 3 on 3 is now ones and twos up to 11. 5 on 5 is now timed quarters with fouls.

You can set up custom games on your court or play by different rules like the "slasher fest" where dunks and layups count as 5 points.

They'll probably come out with new content during the year just like how they added 3 on 3 during the season last year.
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Re: Live Run details

Postby Andrew on Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:24 am

My breakdown from the front page:

  • Changes to 3v3 LIVE Run go beyond the new global courts. Games are now played to 11, with baskets counting for one and two points rather than twos and threes.
  • Hype is intended to set The One players apart from each another, since reaching 99 Overall will be an attainable goal with persistence. Hype has six tiers (Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar, Legend, Icon), with each tier having five levels.
  • Raising your Hype earns new gear, as well as players for your squad and other rewards. You'll also get a badge displaying your Hype level in online lobbies.
  • 5v5 LIVE Run will be more of a traditional Pro-Am experience, with five minute quarters and full rules, including fouls. It also benefits from the addition of the new global courts.
  • Private games on our One Court will allow for custom rules, including additional points for dunks and layups, and other variations on the Pro-Am format. More rule sets will be added post-launch.

Great changes all around. I'm still hoping for some solid info regarding Franchise and LUT, but that's definitely good news for online play.
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