NBA Live 2000 roster preview

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NBA Live 2000 roster preview

Postby CarolusXCI on Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:59 pm

I will try to make a roster based on the NBA live 2000 default roster. Because if you're like me, the NBA live 2000 is one of your favorite games ever.

I'm not aiming for realism at all. My only goal is to be similar to the NBA live 2000 as much as I can. Hopefully you guys get my idea.

AGAIN, this IS NOT a REALISTIC '99-2000 roster.

- Ratings will be based on Live 2000 ratings
- Tendencies will be based on SCOREAREA values, which means that there will be only 10 different sets of tendencies ( ... REA_Values)
- I'm not sure what I'm going to do with signature moves. Let's see...
- Generic arenas and somewhat generic courts
- Probably accessories will come only in four colors: black, white, red and blue, but I will think about that too. Probably all players will wear those old Reebok shoes, except stars (as if the user downloaded the cyberface from his/her favorite player, which came with custom shoes and accessories). Just an idea...
- Every team will be coached by a nameless bald dude with little round glasses. I still haven't made a coach's cheat table but that's on my plans.

However, I will work based on one condition: to only use in-game resources. Jerseys, logos, cyberfaces, whatever came with the game. I won't be using external patches or files. Why? Just because I kinda want it this way.
So as a consequence, some things will have to be adapted, like for example:

- The Vancouver Grizzlies will be the Memphis Grizzlies simply because there are no Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys in the game (this is the most important adaptation)
- Suns will use their 2001 uniforms, introduced after one year after the NBA Live 2000 came out
- And some other stuff here and there

The 29 NBA teams had about 390 players combined on Live 2000 (there were no free agents). So far I found something like 200 of those already in game. Another bunch of them have hidden cyberfaces that will be used.
The rest will be CAP. But I won't be sculpting Bruno Sundov's face perfectly. Sorry. They will resemble their real counterparts only from afar. NBA Live 2000 itself had its share of generic cyberfaces (for rookies). Good times...

Since I couldn't find every logo used during the 1999-2000 season, but I could find almost every jersey, I did this:


I thought those logos are kinda cool. Another pic of them somewhere else:


NBA Live 2000 itself didn't have full logos. Instead it had only rectangles with part of the logo showing, which I thought it was awesome back then.

I inserted a team called "NBA Rookies" with rookies from the 2000-01 season. This idea I got from old NBA Jam games because I simply don't know what else I could do with this extra team slot.

No idea when I will be releasing this roster. I've been kinda busy last couple of weeks. I'm previewing this project since there may be some NBA Live 2000 fans around to give me some ideas and feedback. Thanks!
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