There was a problem saving the team

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There was a problem saving the team

Postby LemmyRose on Wed May 22, 2019 5:23 pm

Commonly Asked Questions about The V8 Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V8 is currently one of the most popular vacuum cleaner models on the market. We’re not surprised that it received this title. After all, in all of our independent tests, it really lives up to its name as being one of the best and most affordable (value-wise) vacuum cleaners that you can get. In our articles, we have also mentioned in detail how the Dyson V8 is separated into three major variants: The Dyson V8 Motorhead, Animal, or Absolute. Each one of these has their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and purposes.

To help you better with making decisions on which one of the trio to buy, we have some frequently asked questions about them that we hope would offer you more insights into settling the fight for your purse between, for example Image Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews, the Dyson V8 Animal vs. Absolute.

Dyson V8 Motorhead

I live overseas and the standard voltage of power outlets in my country is 220-240V while the Motorhead has a nominal voltage of 110-220V. Do I need an adapter?

This is a tough question to answer because, for some of our customers overseas in countries such as Malaysia, they had no difficulties with using the V8 Motorhead without a power adapter. At the same time, we reviewed the company’s manual and they specifically mentioned that for those in countries with a different voltage range to connect the wall mounted docking station with a power adapter.

We will leave it to your own discretion on this one whether you should use a power adapter or not since for most of our customers a power adapter doesn’t really make any difference. However, if possible, we still encourage you to get a power adapter.

Can You Clean Carpets And Bare Floors With The Same Head?

The V8 Motorhead comes with a direct-drive cleaner head. This head is quite flexible since it has bristles to deal with dust and debris stuck inside carpets. At the same time, its power isn’t too overwhelming to the point that it would destroy the hardwood floors if you were to vacuum on them.

If you think that your floor is too delicate for bristles to touch, you should re-consider and get the V8 Absolute instead since it is packaged with a soft-roller head that’s far more forgiving on delicate surfaces.


Can You And How Do You Clean Stairs With The Motorhead?

The V8 Motorhead is pre-packaged with two tools: A combination tool and a crevice tool. The combination tool is ideal for cleaning on stairs.

Can You Clean Fabric?

Unfortunately, the delicate nature of fabric requires a mini motorized tool which does not come with the V8 Motorhead. Instead, you will have to look to the V8 Animal for this one.

Dyson V8 Animal

Dyson V8 Animal vs. Absolute

Between the Dyson V8 Animal and Dyson V8 Absolute, which one should you pick and what are the differences? In term of tech specifications, features, and design, the Dyson V8 Animal and Absolute are similar to one another 100%, and they are one of The Best Vacuum Cleaners Image in the word. The only difference between the two is that for the Animal to be effective at picking up pet hair a mini motorized tool is included.

Meanwhile, the Absolute has a soft roller cleaner head instead of the mini motorized tool.

To get all of the details, you can always reference information from large retailers like Dyson V8 Costco sales department, Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, etc.

Should the Machine Be Hung On the Wall Charger or will it Stand On Its Own?

If it’s too inconvenient for you to use the wall charger, do keep in mind that you can forego the wall charger entirely and plug the charging cable directly into the vacuum itself.

Are The Filters Inside Of The Vacuum Usable?

The Dyson V8 Animal has two filters that you can easily remove and wash. If you were to take care of them, they are well-made enough to last through the entirety of the vacuum’s lifespan. Otherwise, you can always order new filters from the manufacturers.

Does The V8 Animal Work On Hardwood Floors And Vinyl?

The direct-drive cleaner head is flexible enough to accommodate all types of bare floors from hardwood and vinyl, to tile and laminated floor. The anti-static carbon-fiber filaments inside of the tool are extremely effective against dust, dirt, and debris on bare floors. This is one of the reasons why we gave the V8 Animal a very high standing in our Dyson V8 Animal review article.

Is There A Trigger-Locking Feature?

On all variants of the Dyson V8, the company has ‘Battery-enhancing’ trigger. In theory, this is going to help with lengthening battery life since all of the precious battery juice won’t be wasted while you’re moving from room to room. This is to ensure that the vacuum will only ever be used for cleaning and nothing else. While we understand that this could be pretty annoying, it is for the best.

Dyson V8 Absolute

Is The Battery Replaceable?

All variants of the Dyson V8 have a replaceable battery and can be switched out for a new one when necessary. However, it is not recommended that you do this and should be used as a last resort when your battery has broken down completely.

Can You Switch the Battery Back And Forth As You Clean To Save Cleaning Time?

This is a very good question that’s also asked frequently. Battery swapping, in theory, can be a good way to avoid excessively long charging time or having too little time to clean. Unfortunately, the battery on the Dyson V8 (all variants) is considered as a ‘Replaceable’ part. In order for a battery to be swapped with a new one, they must be unscrewed and re-screwed which can take a lot of time and technical expertise. The company also does not offer extra batteries. Nonetheless, from our experience, the half-hour to 40 minutes run time is good enough given that you had charged your vacuum’s battery properly before.


Is There any way To Clean Overhead Fan Blades on Ceiling Fans with the V8 Absolute?

Yes, you definitely can. The Absolute comes with a soft dusting brush that you can use to clean ceiling fixtures like lights and ceiling fans. The bristles in the tool are soft enough that it will not damage the surfaces while still doing its job at collecting dirt, dust, and debris particles.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge The V8 Absolute From 0%?

From 0%, it would take you approximately 5.5 hours to reach full charge.

What Are The Battery Performance In Different Modes?

The Absolute has about 7 minutes of operation time in the MAX mode. (This is the mode where the motor inside gives you everything that it has and provides extremely powerful suction.) With the motorized cleaner head, you get about 25 minutes of cleaning time. With the soft roller cleaner head and you will get about 30 minutes. For the rest of the tools that it is packaged with, you get about 40 minutes.

What Is The Warranty Information?

All Dyson vacuum cleaners come with a 2-year warranty. If you were to ever experience technical or quality-related issues, you can always contact Dyson’s customer service for help.

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With all of that said, it is clear that the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner is an extremely flexible vacuum cleaner that can take up virtually all cleaning jobs given that you have the right variant (or the right attachment) at hand. Though there would certainly be some flaws considering its age, the Dyson V8 still stands as a great example of what the best vacuum cleaners ought to be.
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Re: There was a problem saving the team

Postby Andrew on Thu May 23, 2019 12:11 am

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