I hate all these 90 overalls online (PC)

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I hate all these 90 overalls online (PC)

Postby DaCrispy on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:20 am

I have created an athletic two way beast 7'3" centre with max wingspan and I am absolutely dominating the NBA but online is a totally different story.

I'm at the moment a 65 overall and I am going full grind because unlike many I absolutely love the grinding RPG style of NBA 2K18. The badge system in my opinion is just the best :)

So if anyone is having the same issues as me, maybe we can add each other on steam and play online together at MyCourts, Pro-Am or get destroyed together by cliques of 90 overall hackers together on Park.

Just want to enjoy online with some fellow sub 85 players :D
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