PLDT Users please help!

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PLDT Users please help!

Postby RickGrimes on Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:38 pm

So a friend from US recommended me to play NBA 2K18 on steam. After I bought the game, I can't connect in the server with error code "efeab30c". My friend told me that I just need to wait for the update to trigger cos according to him, I just bought the game and ran it for the first time. So I took his advise and play some offline stuff first. Weird thing is so I have been playing offline for 90 hours in total still no update pops up! I tried contacting 2k support but they said that my problem is with my ISP cos I'm in different region and that they cant help me further. I can play CSGO, DotA 2, PUBG on steam with no problem I can even play in US server with minimum of 180ms of ping. I think 2k is a jerk for not helping me connect online. Does this mean I wasted a lot of my money just to play 2k18 offline!? (N) BTW I'm from Philippines.
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Re: PLDT Users please help!

Postby jac8 on Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:16 am

Better late than never

This is what happened to me exactly 100%.

First tried tinkering with internet explorer settings, and nothing happened. Had some people from PLDT check both their internal server, the net facility in our area as well as our router, and still the same error appeared. Checked my lan, cable and everything internet related on my pc and still nothing. And what made it worse is that even my one note account and windows store would say that I'm not connected to the internet although my browsing, dl'ing works fine.

My analysis was that I had a certain update from windows that didn't install correctly or got corrupted in the process which may have brought the online related errors. Had nothing else to try out but to reformat my pc and re-download my 2k18 via steam once again. Now I'm able to go online and play my 2k normally.

Not saying that it was indeed the corrupted windows update that caused all the errors, but at the end of the day 2k now works fine. You could try it out, and let me know.
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