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Created players

Postby bolleque on Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:06 pm

I am complete newbe in editing anything in NBA 2k. I am on PC.

I created a number of my own players - portraying myself and friends playing often together. Just for fun.
I found the easiest way to edit the players in 'edit roster' section. You see full list of players and attributes are editable with a stick. I made a part of the job and saved. Everything perfect.
When I returned to the same place to continue, I did and saved. But when I enter again I cannot see the last changes. It stopped accepting new changes. There is no message that something went wrong with saving. Saved normally but data not there.
What may I do wrong? It is strange because first editing was saved properly.

EDIT - I managed to save one more change, but I don't know how. I cannot repeat it. Definitely I do some small thing wrong.

I also tried to use cheat engine - for the very first time. I think I follow the tutorial. I open the relevant table, I see the data in cheat engine but changes I do are not reflected in the game. Is there anything like 'save' or 'apply' in CE?

Another issue I try to solve is using custom roster in blacktop. I found a number of tutorials but they are either for xbox or ps. The trick with switching off internet connection for a while seems not working on PC. Is there any solution to this?
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