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Help with sliders

Postby Vlad2010 on Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:21 pm

So, after a long break since NBA 2k14, skipping 2k15-2k17, because i had a poor GPU, finally updating my gpu, decided to get acquainted with the Next-gen graphics and gameplay of NBA 2k. And immediately, after playing a few matches against the CPU (tried All-Star, Superstar, Hof difficulties), I encountered the irritable moment that strained me in NBA 2k12-14 - too good a 3pts realisation and "clean" steals by CPU (especially in the 4th quarter), while for me, naturally, this indicator is much lowest. Can I fix this with sliders? Perhaps there were solutions for this problem in 2k15-2k17, that can be used in 2k18? Share opinions, please.
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