Will the Computers best outside defender finally defend my best outside scorer?

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Will the Computers best outside defender finally defend my best outside scorer?

Postby timmyd on Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:33 am

Hey everyone,

I can't seem to find any information about this. Right now and in previous NBA 2k's, the computers defenders defend by position.


Cleveland VS GSW
PG: Kyrie PG: Curry
SG: JR Smith SG: Thompson
PF: LOVE PF: Green
C: Thompson C: Pachullia

When we see the NBA Finals, we see Klay guarding Kyrie. We see other scenario's like this all through the history of NBA. San Antonio used to place Bruce Bowen on CP3 and now do it with Danny Green at times.

In NBA 2k17, I don't ever get the CPU's best defender guard my best scorer. If I get hot with one player, I see double teams, but never having the best defender guard me unless we play the same position. Often times to counter this issue, I control all 30 teams in MYGM/MYLEAGUE and have defensive settings for each time I play against to have there best defenders and realistic defensive strategies input into the game.

My question is: will NBA 2k18 finally have something like this built into the A.I? Will Kawhi Leonard finally guard Russell Westbrook automatically in game 6 of the Playoffs? or when Russell scores 20 points in the first half, will the CPU put Danny Green/Kawhi on Russell Westbrook? etc etc...
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Re: Will the Computers best outside defender finally defend my best outside scorer?

Postby I Hate Mondays on Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:58 am

In previous games, you could do those specific matchups only by yourself if you wanted more than one.
The CPU is able to do ONE SINGLE matchup by itself if:
a) you have a great defender on your team. Someone like Klay Thompson, Leonard, Paul George.
b) The best/hot player on the other team is playing a position that overwrites your best defender's position. So unluckily, James Harden which is a PG/SG will never get defended by Kawhi which is a SF/PF in the game. - Also, the best/hot player on the other team must have that "Superstar" badge.
c) you set the coaching setting to "Auto" or whatever it is called in the game.

If you have two great defenders on your team, only one will get "reassigned" - the one that has the better defensive ratings. The other one will stick to whatever position matchup he's having.
Also, if you have two great defender on your team but the first one doesn't get reassigned because his playing positions don't overwrite the opposing superstar's positions, nothing happens. It's either your best defender or no one.

What I've written above are some personal observations, nothing official. But I am 99% confident what I've mentioned is true. There might be more factors heading to that defensive reassigning but I am more than sure my stuff is accurate too.
Also, come to think about it, my observations were made for 2K16. Whenever I saw a switch, I'd always check the defensive menu to see how everything is playing out and who guards who. That's because I've always found it realistic and cool.
I don't remember seeing matchup switching in 2K17 though. Maybe because of my sliders, maybe it has been ditched out of the game for a year like the PoEs in 2K17, I will have to double check, you made me curious.

^^^ Those were some general 2K facts. To answer your question, nothing official has been released about the area you are talking about. I am eager to learn about it too.
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