Ideas for Legends & Historical Content

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Ideas for Legends & Historical Content

Postby Andrew on Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:06 pm

Now that we have roster editing, something I've seen suggested (that I wholeheartedly agree with) is the return of the Legends Pool. It's been a long time since NBA Live did anything with historical content outside of Ultimate Team cards, and throwback jerseys (where available). The question is, moving forward, what should they do with Legends and historical content?

It'll obviously be tough to compete with what NBA 2K has done, especially since 2K has several exclusive deals (notably MJ, who remains the biggest selling point of any historical content). However, that doesn't mean that NBA Live can't and shouldn't do what it can, and have those players be playable outside of Ultimate Team. Even the basics would be appreciated:

  • Legends available in the Legends Pool, where they can be placed on any team through the roster editing functionality
  • All-Decade Teams (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s) with the twelve best players from each era (or at least the twelve best players they've licensed).
  • All-Time East and West squads (again, with the players they've managed to license).
  • Ability to specifically create Legends in Create-a-Player, and add them to the All-Decade squads and Legends Pool.
  • More throwback jerseys available for all teams, not just the designated Hardwood Classics for the current season.

Obviously if they can get MJ or include some further historical content, I'm all for adding any extra content to the game. But given what seems feasible, what else would you like to see them do with Legends and historical content in future games?
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