CPU Opponent in FIFA 18 now has Same USER "limitations"

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CPU Opponent in FIFA 18 now has Same USER "limitations"

Postby ThaLiveKing on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:59 pm

This is interesting for game play in ALL EA SPORTS games.

The CPU plays the game as you would, limited by the same input restrictions as a human player is.
- This means that the CPU team has an active player, just like you do, which we call the CPU AI controlled player.

A CPU AI controlled player exists in the following circumstances:
- On a team with no human players.
- On a team with human players who are all locked to specific players, that also has CPU teammates.

This is the first time an EA Sports game has done this I believe. I honestly played two games, one on Pro and one on Legendary and to see the game flow properly without BS cheesing is so amazing. I need the NBA Live devs to contact the FIFA devs and see how they went about doing this and how it can be applied to "individualize" the AI players to get them to play more like their real life counterpart. Overall this brings better balance to game play, and I don't even touch sliders in FIFA.

Check out this goal, the CPU got a piece of the ball and ended up out of position giving me time to capitalize on the play. Everything felt organic. This is the direction Live needs to go, find a way to individualize players so you can really play advantages and mismatches without feeling cheesed by the CPU on both offense and defense. This seemed to eliminate the CPU speed boosting (so far in FIFA) and the slowing down of the offensive player so the defense can "catch up" problems that has plagued the games for YEARS.

check this goal out
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Re: CPU Opponent in FIFA 18 now has Same USER "limitations"

Postby Andrew on Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:46 pm

Interesting. I'm definitely all for the AI not feeling cheap, so this could indeed be an important area to focus on as they continue to work on NBA Live's gameplay. Button-reading and superhuman reaction times by the CPU should be a thing of the past in sim-oriented sports titles, so yeah, definitely intriguing.
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