Dear Developers & NLSC FAMILY... Refining the Triple Threat/FirstStep Control™

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Dear Developers & NLSC FAMILY... Refining the Triple Threat/FirstStep Control™

Postby Geemonster84 on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:16 am

Dear Developers & :bowdown: NLSC FAMILY :bowdown2: …. Refining the Triple Threat/FirstStep Control™

Today I will be talking about the Triple-Threat and options that we sorely lack in NBA LIVE 18. A little disclaimer before moving forwarded, I am fully aware of the Live team trying to get new gamers/2K gamers to come aboard and the game can not support complex controls that would discourage new users. I also understand that my ideas can be a bit abstract, but there is a recurring theme in my posts with controls. My control schemes is more analog stick heavy that deals with a more tactical approach that changes how the analog sticks will perform depending on user situations on the court. For example when the player has the ball in play they can dribble drive to the basket once the player wants to dunk, lay-up, pro hop, euro step the control change upon activating the Total Live Control™ run gather animations. (Total Live Control™ that l talked about in my first Dear Developer post)

My Analogy on both games
LIVE = Standard Vehicle, 2K = Automatic Vehicle

If you never driven standard then you will never appreciate its control, feel... Plain and simple...

Now let's begin... :mrgreen: (Y)


The current state of the Triple-Threat move in NBA LIVE 18 is a bit of an after thought for the development team and there is no defensive player risk/reward to keep them thinking. After playing 1 vs 1 for an hour, (ME) Melo vs Durant (CPU). I realized that there is a lack of emphasize on the Triple-Threats importance to some players like Melo who have mastered this technique specially in the mid/low-block.

Let’s Talk about options and lack of animation options to this attack.


NBA LIVE 18 Options

1. The Jab-Step Left or Right options
2. The Left and Right Drive
3. Protect the ball by pressing and holding the post-up trigger

Note: NBA Live 18 mechanics is not a bad one by any means, but its bare bones and the defense seems to not have to worry about a blow by because the triple threat doesn’t really move to the players true left or right. What I mean is there should be a bigger radius in the user exploding to his/her left or right instead of hitting into his opposition and going into a bouncing off of each other animation. In fact, I believe earlier NBA LIVE games had a better triple threat option compare to Live 18 because it worked against the defense better. I do understand that defenses in older Live games wasn't up to par as well...


How NBA Live 18 triple threat works while tight defense is being played.

Now what l like about the close defense in NBA live 18 looks really good however its just animations and nothing more. There aren’t any branching animations to shoot out of the close defense, despite a shorter defender on a taller player and balance isn’t really respected in NBA Live 18 unless you are talking about the post-move back down scenarios.

FirstStep Control™

Follow me into the murky waters of the Hoodie Melo Experience… :cheeky:

phpBB [video]

Melo Teaches His Son How To Jab

Note: It's simple even a kid can do it...

:applaud: :applaud: FirstStep Control™ :applaud: :applaud:

The FirstStep Control™ has two components FOOT-WORK and UPPER-BODY controls.


Like mentioned above the FirstStep Control™ is a two part component that the user controls the legs and the upper body of their player simultaneously. To enter the FirstStep Control™ the player must press in the Left-Stick and hold down which anchors your player's pivot-foot to the ground allowing him/her to use his/her hands and feet in a 360 degree axis. To deactivate the FirstStep Control™ let go of the Left-Stick to pick up your dribble. Or holding down the turbo button while aiming your Left-Stick and Right-Stick towards the basket than releasing the turbo trigger for an explosive drive to the basket.


Note: This is a vector grid which is commonly used in game design to move players along a path, in terms of the foot anchoring component the offensive players pivot-foot would be on the 0 coordinates while his/her other foot would be moving in correlation with his upper body.

The Pivot Rule
Once the player catches the ball after a screen he/she can choose either foot to pivot off of. To do this in the FirstStep Contol™ once the player catches the ball he/she will automatically choose the strong foot, but in order to change feet release the Left-Stick and press it in again. The indicator cue is shown by your player leaning to the respected pivot foot.

Note: Dev-Team this new pivot mechanic changes how players interaction in the "Mid Post & Low-Block" with Up-and-Down, Rip Spins, Drop-Step etc... All done by the user. You will need Live Academy Mode™ mention in my first post to teach players the new mechanics with real coaching staffs like Live 10. Also traveling must be respected because a person can pick up his dribble if he/she loses it because of great defense, this is where the upper body controls have another layer of usefulness to protect the ball.

How the Footwork control mechanic works


Note: The Left-Stick will be attached to the player's feet which would give the user 360 degree range with the pivot foot. Therefore a user can actual slowly move the Left-Stick in a half circle and the players leg would move in sequence with the analog stick, 1 to 1 ratio control.

These moves differ depending on your last pivot point...

Lower body moves:
1. tapping left or right does jab steps, tap and hold does a cross step
2. tap and hold backwards allows your player to step-back and place your shoulder into defense chest
3. Placing the ball behind your back - hold down on Left-Stick and on the Right Stick press and hold towards your players back
4. half-circle left/right - rotation to rotate your pivot foot in either direction
5. full-circle left/right - to spin and release Left-Stick to do a spin gather dribble - Kobe Move :idea:
6. Press back down the left trigger to engage back down

How the Upper Body control mechanic


Melo signature ball protection move before taking a mid-range jumper.... Please watch Attention to Detail: Carmelo Anthony video

Note: The upper body will function the same way as the legs, allowing the players hands to move in a 360 degree rotation.

Upper body moves:
1. Shot button
2. Body faints left or right
3. Placing the ball behind your back
4. Fake passing - double tapping pass
5. Pump fake - tapping shoot button
4. Shoulder/Elbow charge - During close defense - push in Right-Stick

:applaud: Signature Moves: :applaud:

phpBB [video]

"Load Step" - Triple Threat Move

Manu - "Load Step" :cool:
While facing the basket - Press and hold the Left-Stick while facing towards the basket and down on the Right-Stick( guarding the ball near your hip) in the opposite direction, while holding turbo-button and releasing after vibration(Live Feel™ - talked about in my first post).

Rondo's ball fake, pivot to lay up. :wink:
While running towards the basket - Double tap pass button quickly and rotate Left-Stick 180 degree (spin around the defender) and press shot button

Kobe - pivot/spin move shoot :D
Pump fake and quickly rotate Left-Stick in a half circle direction, press the shoot button.

You get where am going with this...

FirstStep Control moves would be very close to EA's Fight Night Champions Controls.


Putting it All Together...

Note: FirstStep Control™ would help NBA Live have a better mid-range game which is sorely lacking to say the least.

phpBB [video]

NBA Pivot Footwork Compilation

phpBB [video]

Attention to Detail: Carmelo Anthony

phpBB [video]

Attention to Detail: Kobe Bryant

phpBB [video]

Kobe Bryant - Triple Threat

phpBB [video]

Lonzo Ball Plays Kyle Kuzma 1 On 1 'He Cant Guard Me' FULL

Note: Kyle Kumza does a beautiful triple threat pivot to completely freeze Lonza Ball (3.00 min mark).. These are the types of movement that needs to be added into the triple threat.

Isolation Defense Control™ against the FirstStep Control™

Dry yourself off and jump out of the murky waters of the Hoodie Melo experience because he has no defense... :wall: Kawhi Leonard anyone! :cheeky:


The Isolation Defense Control™ is just as exclusive and refined has the FirstStep Control™. Here is how EA can basically make a mini game sorta like paper, rock, scissors type of effect on the defensive end. Currently in order to defense in NBA LIVE 18 you would just hold down the Left-Trigger and follow the offensive player around until he/she loses their dribble. This is completely correct and NBA LIVE 18's defense is great UNTIL you play your man/woman tight as shown below.


The weakness aspect of NBA Live 18 is the tight defense component, your just stuck in animation until you steal/get a foul depending on how the computer feels. There isn't really a rhyme or reason for the animation because its purely for looks. What l would like to see is a system that mimics UFC 2 wrestling/grappling mechanism.

To activate the Isolation Defense Control™ all the user must do is approach the offensive player.... Like the picture above. :idea:

When the FirstStep Control is activated and the defensive player is playing tight defensive he/she should have control of both the Left and Right Sticks has the player with the ball chain-moves together so could they chain-moves together. :cussing: :chug: :cussing:

Isolation Defense Control™


Note: Left-Stick controls the players legs/basically moving the player around the FirstStep Control™ moves
Right-Stick controls the hands - you can Flick Up, Left, Right, Down to attempted a steal.

phpBB [video]

Kawhi Leonard Strips Ben McLemore back to back, gets him benched

So defending on both players body language during the chain events the steal/poke selections will be less and less or more and more if the defensive player forces the offensive player into a undesirable position (defensive IQ rating plays apart in this). Also you can push on the offensive player making him lose balance or throw a unwanted pass, however the player can also flop causing a foul. Example are below... In lack of better words think of the defensive player trying to figure out how to solve a less complex rubik's cube.

Scenario #1

Scenario #2

Scenario #3

What attributes matter: :mrgreen: (Y)
Balance rating
Triple Threat rating
On Ball Defensive

Note: This gives the lock down defenders in NBA LIVE 20 a more complete arsenal to counter the offensive players tools.

How one should look at this FirstStep Control™ vs Isolation Defense Control™ - Think Batman: Arkham Asylum's fighting system in terms of chaining combos.


“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Bruce Lee

phpBB [video]

Secret of Shaolin Kung Fu - Final Fight Scene

Once again thanks for reading my post :mrgreen: and hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully the Live Dev Team sees my posts and try to incorporate some of these ideas if not all of them into NBA LIVE 19 or 20 etc. Once again my control schemes mimic natural human body movements and tactical situations on the court as said above. I believe that 2K team has this over the Live team in terms of situational shots and body language that look like what a human being would do in the situations for example how a player reacts under the basket etc, however NBA LIVE should follow Authenticity instead of scripted designed controls... We as users appreciate the fluid controls.... The GAP is closing now, keep it up Live Team....

Good night to all and to all a goodnight....
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