Dear NBA Live Developers & NLSC Family... PLEASE TAKE A LOOK NBA LIVE 20

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Dear NBA Live Developers & NLSC Family... PLEASE TAKE A LOOK NBA LIVE 20

Postby Geemonster84 on Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:19 pm

:!: First off l would like to say thank you for looking at my suggestions l know its early to have these types of discussions and I completely understand it's going to take several development cycles to add some of these ideas into a fully flushed out game. :bowdown: NLSC Family :bowdown2: feel free to help flush out these ideas with me or comment.


Note: These two modes have an app component called the Live Play™ which shows NBA news, future NBA Live updates info, trades and challenges by other players or upcoming season battles. Card trading market and card base challenges either 1 v 1 or 2 v 2, 5 v 5 etc.


Note: Should be a stand alone game before the full game comes out to test Live Total Control™( talk about this later) and teach new users how to play LIVE in general. Think FIFA skill games!

This will have various drills in a real NBA team facility like NBA LIVE 2010. Things to expect from the facility: dribbles move combinations to chain together, and-one scenarios, how to use cuts, screens, hot/cold streaks, layups/dunking scenarios, post moves combinations and scenarios, traveling scenarios, hard fouls scenarios, how to deal with high/low confidence player's meter etc. Adding the The Steph Curry Shooting Challenge from Under Armor for example would help NBA Live players with their placing of 2pt jumps with the locomotion movement in Live 18.


Defining the Leveling System in - The One

This leveling system redefines how the game is played in terms of knowing your player and customization and continuous development.

1. Developing left and right finishing by practicing in the Academy - this well be powered by player tendencies how they like to finished. Therefore your player can have 80% right development/driving tendencies and a 45% development/ left driving tendencies. CPU and other players can exploit these in game so a player must develop their game throughout the life cycle the game in general.

2. Player developing their other hand in terms of finishing to the basket or developing a lefty jump shot.

3. Evolving different skills going to the Live Academy™ to learn new techniques, developing into other badges or mixed badges - trade off of losing other abilities

4. Nagging injuries - Create-a-players must have a weak spot based on archetypes and must nurse them with special accessories that can heal injuries over time - creates exploit for scrappy players, brick wall moves, hard fouls and taking away strong points in your create-a-player etc. For example if you have a leg injury your responsive time on defense will lag a bit giving you yellow meters instead of green meter in terms of defense until you heal fully.

5. How Live Feel™ is represented in developing or not developing certain body parts - doing a dribble drive to your left and its weak will result in vibration cues to stop driving in that direction for a while, throbbing vibrations for in-pain cues after hard screens, hard fouls, traveling/loose balls cues (players with high IQs can also feel the weakness of the player they are facing through seeing stats or feeling jerking vibration during dribble drives to beat the defender on a drive or post-move situation) Veteran Badge/Trait required(more about this later)

6.How Live Emotion™ is represented in leveling up player's confidence in certain sink/swim situations like taking the last shot in a game or comeback from a team cold streak, being bullied by aggressive players like D. Cousin/P. Beverley (hard screens, scoring scrappy defense, heckling), C. Paul (court generalship and defense), S. Adams(hard screens), Russell Westbrook (continuous scoring at the basket) and Kyrie Irving (bully by ISO and dribble break downs).

7.How Live Total Control™ well be affected by the new leveling system by missing weak hand lay-ups in traffic, missing in traffic dunks, causing traveling in certain situations out of lose of post-moves while tightly guarded


Reward: Rare shoes, accessories, international courts i.e China, Australia, Brazil, Places in Africa, International legend (Angel "Monchito" Cruz, Hakeem Olajuwon, Yao Ming, Rolando Blackman etc court battles 1v1 to unlock

phpBB [video]

The Steph Curry Shooting Challenge! Steph DESTROYS TOP HS Guards at #SC30Select Camp!

Rewards: Unlocking REDEMPTION™ - THE ALLEN IVERSON COME BACK STORY MODE - after finishing all skill base test in Live Academy™


Players can play a whole season with other online players at the same time as a real NBA game and data being updated (private or public lobbies) and also trade accessories, shoes and player cards. This mode once finish gives players rare old school player cards that can be traded and battle each other for items. This mode can also be played with your real-life fantasy draft players through the LivePlay application where trades can be executed with a flick of a button. The application can simulate games away from home. Also check up on real stats and provide player social media where negative post can effect chemistry and performances on court.

Reward: Rare outfits, Shoes, Cards


This mode is just like FIFA 18’s Alex Hunter and Madden’s Long Shot. However, the main difference is that its more like a living breathing documentary of Allen Iverson’s life on the court. Allen Iverson would narrate the story on and off the court with videos of his old performances. The unique story telling during game play will expressing Iverson’s inner thoughts and how he feels about certain moments such as facing Westbrook in an ISO situation or scoring battles in game or returning to the 76ers where he kisses the court logo before the game, playing against Lonzo Ball and the new Lakers and reminisce on his game against Kobe and the Lakers (recreate stats from play off games against Kobe to get crates and other loot. The user will have to fulfill certain stat criteria to recreate Iverson’s historical game stats against certain teams. This approach has a very different feeling because this mode will span one 86 game season and have two different endings. To make the mode shorter some games will be played from half-time or even 2 mins instead of playing the whole game. The Allen Iverson story will evolve as he will be hit with injuries, flu, stadium like Denver and have teammate rivalries as Allen tries to get back to prominence in the NBA. :applaud:


Reward Card: Rare Card, Payable Inverson(Young without braids and Prime version)

phpBB [video]

Allen Iverson Mix 'Xo Tour Life' 2017 ᴴᴰ


I think using the lob pass button as a strategy button that allows the user to see statistically information on the court about offensive and defensive match ups, liabilities/assets and suggest plays/run that can shut down players like Lebron or Curry. This mode however would depend on user skill to carry out certain objectives your coach demands of the user throughout the course of the game :argue:.This mode can only be used for a quarter so it has to be used wisely and could be counter by a better coach like Gregg Popovich.

Note: This mode just isn’t dynamic play calling its actually an objective base strategy mini game that lets the user play out the mind of the coach. For example, implementing a Hack-A-Shaq strategy to D. Howard, hard fouling Lonzo to break his confidence or restricting lane drives to Westbrook making him a shooter with defensive schemes. Once again your opponent can offset your LiveDynamic with their own.

The Trade Off:

However, there is a trade off of running these LiveDynamic such as you can fatigue faster, fouls and sometimes your team doesn’t have the personal to achieve these goals so they must use double teams, traps and other means of strategies that could leave other players open or even cause injuries. This button will trigger more animations such as more pushing and jostling for positions because your defensive/offensive are working more to get open and defend. It would also show hot/cold spots for players. This will cause users to try and make players go to there left or right of the court to exploit player weakness like dribbling/shooting to their weak side.


Think Yugioh for a minute… :shhh:

Image Image


You can also collect Old School Coach Cards that have their own game plays like the Zen Master himself. Some old school coach cards give offensive/defensive boost, cause negative affects on certain players or require certain criteria like personnel to work effectively like Zen Master's triangle offense using the Bucks team :mrgreen:. This addition affects modes like Franchise, Ultimate Team, The Streets.

Coach Cards affect Ultimate Team:

For instance, say your opponent has Kobe on his team and has the Zen Master Coach Card it will affect Kobe’s attributes as well as affect the player guarding Kobe confidence, also if you have Shaq and Kobe duo the card will affect team chemistry etc. Another example is using M.J in your Ultimate Team, however your opponent has the Jerry Sloan coach card and the affect could be the flu game has a counter to M.J boost. Now the user with M.J on his team has to use an M.J with less attribute such as half stamina, lower confidence and so forth.

How Synergy affect the Modern Coach Cards:

If a player uses the Steve Kerr card and the Warriors have swept a team throughout the season/play-off the Warriors will have a boost advance. If a player doesn't use a Coach Card and beat his opponent she/he can pick from the beaten user's loot from crates and so forth.

NOTE: Users can only collect three card slots - user can rent/buy cards, different play books from the EA store, Trade, Battle for Cards, Lose Cards from lost Battles.


This addition to LIVE covers a more defined RPG element that will be used in every mode and plays a huge role in user ability on how they play the game of basketball. I would like LIVE to bring an emotional meter that triggers different animations on the court and how the game is played as a whole. This brings drama to the court and this meter is shown by pushing in the PlayStation 4’s touch pad once the player has the ball and how they feel in relation to certain opponents on the court i.e Chris Paul and DeMarcus Cousin. These relationships can be used as an advantage say Paul keeps driving and getting and-one on Cousin his frustration builds causing him to have a terrible performance on the court and even cause untimely fouls.

How it affects Teammates

This meter will be either green/purple in relation to player’s selfish play/team play, hot/cold steaks/spots, synergy analytics such as player touches and player success against certain teams. Therefore every player on your team will have different starting positions in terms of their confidence on match ups and teams they face in a whole.For example, Durant’s performances against Westbrook in terms of points builds/drops confidence in players. Lastly, the Live Emotion works towards teammates as well as the user must distribute the ball to keep team chemistry alive and certain players happy on the court. This will be powered by Synergy analytics and make the user understand how to management/respect player game point percentage.

Think of 5 glasses that needs to be filled in relation to each other, the Game Point Average/Defensive stats, hard fouls, defensive taunting/heckling is what flues this emotional meter :oops:.



Note: The artwork display of this mode would projected on the court showing the player with the ball indicated by a lines to different players on the court with green/purple coloring relation to teammates also could be access during timeouts. Example Above with energy bars that could work.

How Live Emotion affects game play:

Brandon Knight = low confidence/frustration (easy to break) vs Russell Westbrook = high confidence/mid-frustration (hard to break)

1. Using hard fouls can bring a player’s confidence level down causing lower shooting percentages resulting in missed shots in certain areas causing cold spots on the court until the player hits shots in the areas or breakdown opposite players through scoring to build back confidence on the court again. The Top bar could be confidence towards match and the line indicator could be relation to PG.

2. Triggers animations such as complaining to the refs, players ‘shoving and pushing (these animations are in Madden after a big hit)

Note: Animations or cut scene after a player get under another players skin through rough and good play. The best way to express this addition to LIVE is how Patrick Beverly treated Lonzo Ball in his first game against LA Clippers.

phpBB [video]

Patrick Beverley giving Lonzo Ball The Welcome To The NBA Treatment

phpBB [video]

3.Ignoring PG/Coach calls calling their own ISO plays (Court battles like D.Rose vs K.Irving like their first meeting)

4. Triggering flagrant fouls, technical fouls and ejections {hard fouls, hard screens, scoring and celebration on certain players} i.e. D.Cousins, Zack, Westbrook high tempers/passionate players (This can work the other way by making the player heat up instead Kobe vs Suns)

phpBB [video]

Jason Smith Bounty Flagrant Foul on Blake Griffin (HD)

phpBB [video]

Derrick Rose suffers ankle injury vs Bucks 10/20/17

5. Announcers talking about roughhousing that’s happening during game-play (more hard foul animations like elbows during hard screens knocking the wind out of players)

6. Crowd booing of certain players in situations, or cheering them on or even going quiet during a ISO situation

7. Crowd getting loud and the screen shaking during free throws or last minute of a close games

8. Player tiring faster, Confidence rattled (Andre Iguodala talked about Golden States crowd wearing on him)

9. Players chemistry being out of whack/in-sync (drop passes, screens coming late, or not coming at all, teammates not respecting your calls and ignoring your handshakes at free throws)

10. The addition of playground games horse, around the world, battle royal (everyone for themselves), Under Armor Steph Curry Challenge, Two Ball, The One Legends Challenge (1 v 1) for goodies


With this new system incorporates a run gather animation that is triggered first just like the All-Star Dunk contest from LIVE 2009. I’ve notice that the control of making a basket in LIVE has become 2K like where the user watches the technique being done after successfully beating your defender driving to the basket. Here how we can make LIVE a fully controlled monster :cheeky: .

Note:Player concentration attribute is needed to show differentiation in players. Court spacing must be respected for this to work correctly.

How to activate the run gather system.

Running towards the basket and pressing the L3 button causes the run gather animation. Or pressing the turbo button down at the same time causes a power dribble. Than do the following below… :arrow:

phpBB [video]

Example of Power Dribble


After run gather…

Once the user drives to the lane she/he would than press and hold down the shot button and release which makes your player do a regular lay-up.

Pro-Hop Method:
Quickly "press L-Stick(L3) In and hold in either direction left or right than press the shot button quickly right after to perform the pro-hop lay-up.

phpBB [video]

Euro-Step Method: Press in the R-Stick(R3) and rotating the R-Stick in a quarter circle formation moving the player’s hands left and right than release the R-Stick(R3) to release the ball from players hand. :wave: This allows the user to shot on the first Euro-Step move if needed.

phpBB [video]

Shielding Method 1# James Harden: This method is when the player places the ball in front of his/her arms sticking out. James Harden does either a low version or high version of this move depending on how tall/short the defender is. Low for bigger defenders and high for smaller defenders.

After run gather is activated while being guarded by a defender, tap the Left-Stick down or up while driving towards the basket before releasing the shot button.

Shielding Method 2# Derrick Rose: This method is when the player shields up with the ball close to their chest before laying it up.

After run gather is activated, hold down the turbo trigger and the shot button than release after impact with defender in traffic. Use by stronger players like Derrick Rose heading straight to the basket.

phpBB [video]

Derrick Rose Pretty Double Clutch Layup In Traffic!

Lay-Up Method Advantages and Disadvantages

Euro-Step is better on one-on-one situations - can control the speed on quarter-circle-formations on R-Stick. Bad for player energy, great for passing out of because hands are free.

Pro-Hop is better used on taller/slower defenders to dash out of the way. Bad for energy and steals - shorter defenders, great on passing out of to open teammates.

Shielding Method 1 & 2 is used better in crowded situations and taller defenders. Bad for passing out, great for drawing more fouls.

Note: the hard run gather only works driving to the basket and can not be activated at the three-point line or during post-up moves.

Contact Jump Shots in the lane:

phpBB [video]

Top 10 Circus Shots of the 2017 NBA Season

Press and hold (creating hang-time) and release in air for your player to shoot the ball can me used in Total Live Control™ in all lay-up methods. Now the vertical attribute as more meaning:crazyeyes:


In terms of dunks The LiveTotal Control™ works very much the same, the hard dribble gather and press and hold the shot button while holding turbo and if a contact animation is triggered the player must release the shot button at a timely fashion to shoot the ball for a contested shot.

Hanging on rim dunks while dunked on opponent is underneath the basket on the floor - User Control after dunk is finished can get a hanging on the rim violation.


In order for the Live Dynamic™display to work the lob button must be removed and replaced. Using button sensitivity like taping the pass button once should cause the lob pass and the bounce pass could stay the same or maybe pressing down the pass button with turbo causes the hard bounce pass.

Traveling in NBA LIVE 20

Note: Ability to travel out of lose dribble and post-move pivots in game and the ability to go out of bounds instead of having a visual barrier.


Once a player has lost his pivot step in post-move activation if the player lets go of the back down trigger he/she can continue to moving resulting in a travel. If a defender is guarding the player who lost his/her dribble the user can chain together moves with there arms to stop the defender from stealing the ball. The defender can push turbo and make the player with the ball lose his balance resulting in a travel (base on weights/strength) or steal the ball)

phpBB [video]

Bojan Bogdanovic gets away with travel and double dribble

Total Ball Control™

Once the run gather is activated and the user has not initialized the shot button the gather will result in a travel. However sometimes the refs can miss a call here and there, this well be a result of having the Veteran Badge earned at the end of 5 Seasons played.

Live Feel™

The Live Feel™ is the vibration indicator for various things happening on the court.

1. During Live Total Control™ activation a vibration indicating can be felt for each step taken during a move (stronger feel during power dribble)

2. When a player is frustrated the controller pulses indicating to the user their status in relation to the player he/she is using. If the player’s frustration meter is full the controller rattles instead of pulsing making it more difficult to get off shots unless the user can deal with the violent vibration during shoots of all types - Certain crowds like Golden State, Toronto and Boston crowds can do the same affects

3. Player past performances in real life also play a role as DNA is working in the background can cause carry over hot/cold streaks, rattled performances

4. During player rivalry match ups like Paul George vs LeBron James a slight heart beat vibration occurs during the face off in ISO situations

5. Hard fouls cause a strong vibration as your player hits the floor, can cause rattled players around dominant defenders like DeAndre Jordan

6. When a player is driving to his weak side a slight joint of vibration is felt indicating that a steal could occur or lost of dribble or ball

7. Tired or in pain after a hard foul a throbbing vibration is felt until the user substitute player for a breaker to heal up/ or can play through game


Veteran Badge/Traits


1. Kobe’s shot kick out move to draw fouls – Trait
2. Ability to shoulder bump out of tight defense when player is in tripe threat - Trait
3. Ability to flop with more success – Traits
4. Scouting - seeing and feeling breakdown players weakness they face after a few plays - Trait
5. More success on getting more calls his/her favor (includes less traveling calls using Live Total Control™'s run gather) Cough Lebron :roll:

Think players like Kobe, Paul Piece. KG etc... Badge can only be access once the users has played 5 NBA seasons for (replay-ability)

Scrappy Defender/Traits


1. Ability to raise the whole teams toughest through hard play - cause colds streaks
3. Ability to grab jerseys on screens to slow players down on screens – Trait – FIFA 18's pull jerseys
2. Ability to heckle/celebrate on the defensive end - Trait (breaks player's confidence) :mrt: - Think of how FIFA let's the user move the player around the field to celebrate, but in NBA Live 20 you can bump players as you walk by during in bound plays, playing tight defense like Patrick Beverley with his hands up in the air
3. Ability to shoulder charge/bounce players driving to the basket- turbo and block button during opponent driving to the basketwith more success causing collision that flat out drop you opponent causing turnovers/fouls
4. Trade-off can get costly heckling fouls

Special animations:
1. Different defensive animations than regular players
2. Snatching the ball from players after dead plays
3. Grab jerseys/holding during in bound plays - Think FIFA 18s Corner-Kick Scenarios where defenders can move/distribute the offensive player from position

Note: Scrappy players work better on off ball moves


Scrappy Defenders can only be a 89 overall because his/her ability is more of a status effect on players so there has to be a trade off.

Other Additions Needed

5. Getting rid of the till running animation, more player responsiveness on CPU fast breaks, my player won't turn around in time to chase down fast breaks

6. Player models in relation to real life (in need of a better big man build)

7. Dynamic music change during updates or allow user music in game

8. Fixing help defense on broken plays (awareness is broken on certain situations)

9. More signature animations like All-star player run animations - Curry, Melo, Lebron etc...

10. More talking amongst players on court

11. Less cut scene more in game player interaction

12. Commercial during timeouts with real commercials - NBA TV highlights, other EA games, Nike, post seasonal tournaments (during timeout a small screen pop-up in the corner. Only during 30 second time outs not 20 seconds.)

13. 2v2, 3v3 – full customization outfits, posters, create a court, accessories, tats, shoes – player challenges for user items

14. Dynamic weather/lighting - in Stadiums, Outside courts

15. Team tryout for 3v3, 2v2 - White Men Can't Jump concepts battles for real cash and in game currency, betting lines, seasonal tournaments with ads on commercial breaks in the NBA Live Game, Leader Boards for different region that the top 3 in every region and they have to face off to see who the best Live player is (reward is super rare items)

16. Scan your court near you

Thanks for looking at my post have a great day or night.. :chug:
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Re: Dear NBA Live Developers & NLSC Family... PLEASE TAKE A LOOK NBA LIVE 20

Postby Dee4Three on Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:23 am

First, very nice. I love all the ideas, the thought that went into this post is intense.

Second, we don't even have roster editing yet... lets get the basics down first.

Third... and this is what I really like about this post.. you are trying hard to get them to give the game NBA authenticity, which I feel is sorely lacking in 2K18 and Live 18. It would be cool to get some of those ideas implemented in order to create the excitement of NBA basketball on the floor.

I like where you are going with NBA Live Season, but we need season basics before all of that could be implemented. We don't even have multi-user local seasons, nevermind online seasons with all the bells and whistles. LIVE academy is a good idea though.
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