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NBA Live Mobile Check-In

Postby Book_Gazette on Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:17 pm

Hey since this game is resetting soon, I want to see who's at it here.

Today EA dropped a free 97+ Paul Pierce live event that takes a good two to three whole stamina refills.

You can get:

97 Shooting SG with +5 (speed and defense) motivator to teammates and "In the Paint" special ability (auto dunk if button is pressed in paint)
98 Two-Way SF with +5(speed, defense, shot) motivator to teammates and "Clutch" ability (auto make a shot if button is pressed in zone)
99 Big Man SF with +5(Speed, defense, shot, and 3pt) motivator to teammates and buzzer beater abilities (auto makes a shot anywhere when the button is pressed)

I pulled the 99 today and am so hyped!

Just so you know you all have 3 weeks until your lineups lock for next year, and so you better hurry in and get yourself a free 97+ Pierce

Or if you are a bit upset you can buy a Tour de Force pack with another 97+ Pierce for 10,000 NBA Cash or around $100USD.
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