Customize your My Career social media and text message Portraits

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Customize your My Career social media and text message Portraits

Postby gogadantes on Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:24 pm


This is just some small modding that might make your My Career game more immersive. It all began because of this post: viewtopic.php?f=224&t=103331
Andrew was kind enough to give me some pointers to start with, and after some trial and errors, I figured out how to find and edit the social media and text message portraits. I was also lucky to find Dee4Three's excellent roster portrait tutorial, which is adaptable for the social media/texting portraits.
Dee4Three's tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=226&t=102502

What you will need:

External Plugin (Modded Folder) obviously, for easy modding.

NBA 2K_ Explorer to export and import game files(install it correctly and make sure your actual NBA 2k17 game directory is recognized).

OPTIONAL: to edit your photos, which Dee4Three also suggested. I like this program because it's free and can edit DDS files from the start, no plugins needed.

Steps to do:

1. Open the NBA 2K_ Explorer, click "load archives". A long list of Excel-like file tabs should open in the program.

2. Go to tab "2Y" and scroll down its content files until you find socialmedia_profilepics.iff (boy, this took a long time to find for me lol)

3. Right click on this file and choose "export archive". You now get to choose where to export this file. Choose any location you like.

4. Once that's done, click on "options" in the main 2K_Explorer top menu and click "show iff editor". You get another dialog box. Go to the location you put that exported socialmedia_profilepics.iff from earlier, and click on it. The iff editor will open that archive file. You are able to click on the archive contents to see a preview of the portraits. The portraits are the ones with ".dds" file type name. You can mod all of these - your friends, girlfriend, mom, random fans on social media, etc. Leave this program alone for now - don't close it.

5. Open your program. Edit a photo file of your choosing into the following size: 128x128. For me, because I also have Photoshop, I like to edit the photos (do some sharpening, etc.) and resize them in Photoshop before opening it in Anyway, once it's 128x128, save the picture as .dds, with the following settings:
That's "DXT1", "iterative fit", "uniform", "generate mipmaps", "nearest neighbor" as the options that you have to choose. No idea if choosing something different will work as well, but this is what works for me. Save your new .dds file with an easy to remember name like "alanah" or "denverlevins" or something, and put it anywhere you want.

6. Go back to your iff editor program and find the photo file you want to replace. Right click on it and choose "import"

7. Choose the new .dds file you made earlier. Wait a couple of seconds until the change takes place. You'd know it's changed by the size number in the "decomp. size" tab changing. You've succesfully replaced that one photo. Do the same to any other photos you want to change.

8. Once you're satisfied with everything, go to the top left corner of the program screen and click the 'File' menu item. Click 'save file' and choose the 'Modded' folder in your main NBA 2k17, which you would have if you've installed the External Plugin. Save the file there, and that's it!

Enjoy! :D :D
Image :D :D
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Re: Customize your My Career social media and text message Portraits

Postby TGsoGood on Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:16 am

Great work.
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Re: Customize your My Career social media and text message Portraits

Postby RobDavis on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:33 pm

Dope gonna try this now thanks
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