MyPark Animation Convertion

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MyPark Animation Convertion

Postby KY4kdas on Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:28 pm

Good day everyone, kinda new here but I've been playing and still is playing NBA 2K17, I know it's kinda outdated but I love its gameplay more, so may I ask this Question since 2K Servers are down and there's no way to change Clothing (in mycareer) blacktop jerseys etc.

Can you copy transfer the MyPark animation to the other Game modes, say MyCareer or Blacktop for example? I tried renaming the animations from the MyPark to the Normal game modes doesn't seem to work but still trying out. If someone could shed an Idea it'll be a great help.

By the way I'm still modding Jerseys converting it from 2k20 to 2k17 (credits to Pinoy21 for those 2k20 Jerseys) and Courts

If I got time I'll share the tutorial to change default MyCourt if its not yet been shared here.
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