nba 2k created historic players

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nba 2k created historic players

Postby bayareabred2khead on Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:10 am

I just signed up to this site. I just recently started playing
pc games even though I still have my ps4. I don't know anything about
modding but I after looking at a lot of 2k youtube videos I really
think that I am the best person there is at creating players the
regular way. I post pictures of my creations at I see that
modders who share their work over the servers or youtube will say for
example that they have a 2009 nba roster with a lot of cyberfaces that
weren't in the game and every player on the team but when I look
everybody basically just takes a player and renames them and it
doesn't look anywhere close to the player they say it is and sometimes
isn't even the same race. People mod basically just the stars of the
team and just rename everybody else. I'm willing to contribute my
2kcreations of some of the non stars in nba history so that the 2k
community can have a more realistic experience when modding a whole
roster or a team. If modders like my work then I'll make youtube videos with the grid to show how to create the players.
I've included a sample of Bison Dele and Gerald Wilkins. I have hundreds that I created two years ago.
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Re: nba 2k created historic players

Postby Dee4Three on Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:00 pm

Sometimes with the rosters, the people who download them (for pc) do not install the mods right. Everybody is the right race in my classic teams roster mod (and I've added a slew of cyberfaces for the bench players via conversions or my creations) but I've had people say that some players were white when they should have been black, or vice versa. It's because they didn't have the files in the modded folder correctly.

However, with that being said, I have seen some rosters out there with what you are talking about. And, for a few of the end of the bench guys, I have some lookalikes (all the right race)' and a lot of those I went into blender and made tweaks of the faces to make it look more like the real player.

However, you won't get far on PC as far as attention with "created players", and this isn't because your faces are not good (personally, I like your Dele and Gerald). Reason being: you now have the option to make real cyberfaces.

Your work would be appreciated on PS4 I am sure, and maybe even on here a little in some circles. Just remember, not a lot of people are on 2K17 anymore, so we have a small audience. Personally, I think 2K17 is the best game on this gen, and I may continue playing it/modding it through 2K19 as 2K19 looks very similar to 2K18 at the moment.

Also keep in mind, part of the problem using created players is the nickname thing. They will call the player "crusher" or "prime time", it really hurts the immersion if you have the commentary on. Have you thought of getting into actual cyberface making?

Either way, welcome to the forum!
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