RosterDescriptions file format

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RosterDescriptions file format

Postby bbgeek on Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:25 pm

I hope I'm posting this in the right place (my apologies if this should go somewhere else).

I'm trying to change the order of my rosters (the ones I have saved) that show up when you choose "Roster Creator" -> "Edit Roster" in the game.

I know where the rosters are located, and that they are named Roster0001, Roster0002, etc., and that the numerical order corresponds to the order of my rosters. For example, my 1st 2 rosters are named "2017 start season" and "2017 end season". Roster0001 is the start season roster, and Roster0002 is the end season roster. I also have a 2005 roster (Roster0010) and a 1985 roster (Roster0006), and many others.

I'm guessing if I change the name of Roster0006 to Roster0001, Roster0010 to Roster0002, etc., my rosters "in game" will be displayed in the order I want (e.g. 1985, 2005, 2017 start, 2017 end, etc.)

BUT, I'm guessing that the RosterDescriptions file has the actual names of the roster, and that I need to change that also. I took a look at the file with hexedit, and I think there are 32 bytes per roster, but the roster names seem to be encrypted?

Does anyone know the format of the RosterDescriptions file?
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