DEST Roster 04-05 season

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DEST Roster 04-05 season

Postby timmyd on Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:56 am

Hey guys,

I recently found online and on nba 2kshare, a gentleman by the name of Pandahero. He was on NLSC as well posting his Dest and Viper roster. Anyways, under his name I found a 04-05 season, and i downloaded it... looks pretty good... some ratings and stuff need to be tweaked and some players are missing, but over-all good effort.

I wanted to know if you guy's can help me get his files to download along side so we can atleast get his roster to work with the faces, jerseys, logo's etc.

I found a couple of links of his online last night, which I will share once I get home and someone willing to dive into this with me. I got an extension on my google chrome to help download on baidu however it still does not download due to some 64-bit error lol... i made an account online on the chinese website and messaged the "Dest Team". Let's see what they can do for me...
Willing to help complete rosters for season/my league use.

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