2k17 PC-STEAM Online League Starting! 26/30 Already!

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2k17 PC-STEAM Online League Starting! 26/30 Already!

Postby stanorz on Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:57 am

Hello everyone!

We are starting a MyLeague online for PC-STEAM and are currently looking for active mature players who can manage to play almost daily. (At least 7 games per week)

This is our first league but we plan on keep going and make something big as long as we can find the right players who love this game (and i mean basketball cuz nobody loves 2k) be able to play the entire season, take it seriously enough and understand that losing is also part of the game so if you use to get mad and leave after 2 games please ignore this league.

Fantasy draft.
Current NBA players only.
Draft order will be random.
Teams are first come first serve.

Once we fill all the spots we will vote on a date and time for the draft.

Season Length: 58 games.
Quarter Lenght: 6 minutes.
Difficulty: All-Star (modified sliders)
No injuries.

Playoff Format: 5-5-7-7

Franchises will be able to retain 5 players in offseason.
Remaining players will go into the offseason draft pool.
Trades will have the final approval of the admin to prevent unfair and senseless deals to be made.
Franchises will be allowed 5 trades per season.
We will be working with Central European Time (CET)

Discord its a must have, we run everything in there!

If you wish to join us, add me on steam (staner) or reply here and ill get in contact.

See ya in the court!

Edit: You can manage to play your weekly 7 games at your own will, this means you can play 3 games monday and 4 on tuesday and you are free for the rest of the week, or you can even play more. Also if something wrong happens to you and you cant make your games for 1 week its ok as long as you tell this to some admin.
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