Any way to convert 2k17 CF to 2k16?

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Any way to convert 2k17 CF to 2k16?

Postby mave004 on Tue Feb 19, 2019 3:01 am

Hi, im trying to use nba2k17 cyberfaces on nba 2k16, but i cant find the way to do it, this is the list of thing there i try without success:

-Put the cf files (face & png) into modded folder.
-Put "hihead.scne" 2k16 file player into 2k17 pgn player.
-Edit hihead.scne 2k17 using 2k16 refference hihead format (using notepad).
-Change .model of 2k17 into 2k16 pgn.

Obviusly i take in note the name relations on the files.
*the only thing there i succesfully done its to change 2017 texture on 2016 model... :(

I thank you in advance for reading this. I'm using the translator, so maybe I'll read like a caveman haha.

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