Driveclub (PS4) - Free* PS+ Version Out so Join the NLSC Club

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Re: Driveclub (PS4) - Free* PS+ Version Out so Join the NLSC Club

Postby Lamrock on Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:30 pm

Caved and finally bought the $20 game + season pass. It's pretty fun. Definitely a serviceable racer - it doesn't stand out in any way, but it has pretty graphics, fast loading times and more events than I could ever possibly play. It's nice to put on a Spotify playlist and zone out to some chill racing.

Edit: Wow this game is hard to put down. It makes a meh first impression, but once you get to the third tier of cars, things get a lot more fun. About halfway through the main tour. I've gotten all the stars up to this point but things are getting tougher. So glad I finally got this! Been too long since I played a good arcade racer.

Don't think anybody plays this any more, but I made a Spotify Playlist for this game. 100 tracks, mostly alternative. Check it out here: ... TW7rik03Zk
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